Monday, May 24, 2010

My June Suggestions

I am nominating three books and they are all completely different from one another.

Click on the name of the books that are highlighted and colored to read about them.

The first one is The Beach Club

I'm nominating it for obvious reasons.. it's written by Elin Hilderbrand and you all know I'm obsessed with reading her summer books this summer. ;)

The second book I'm nominating is The Inheritance of Loss.

I've heard and read good things about this book, so I thought it would be a fun suggestion.

And this is probably the most different of them all!

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

My MOM actually recommended this to me. She pretty much reads whatever hits the bestseller section of Barnes and Noble and this was there, so she read it! ;)

She loved it and it's different, so I thought I'd recommend it.

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  1. Candace, I love that you nominated the Abraham Lincoln book. I have been eyeing the other ones that have been out but could never decide if I wanted to actually try them or not. :)


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