Sunday, February 28, 2010

Skeletons at the Feast

I finished this one last night and it was really excellent.

It's another book that takes place during WWII. I really love books that are based during this time period, because the stories are engrossing and you learn things at the same time.

I have such a hard time accepting that these kinds of things happened as recently as 60 years ago. It's horrendous the loss and the pain the Jewish people had to endure. One thing I really loved about this story was that it was mainly told from a German family's point of view. There were Jewish viewpoints as well, but the main characters were German and it really shows that the general population wasn't necessarily aware of the disgusting, horrible things that were going on.

It honestly took me a bit to get into this book. I'm a huge fan of short chapters, because short chapters mean I can pause frequently without frustration. This book had a 35 page PROLOGUE! I was mildly disturbed by this. And the rest of the book pretty much followed suit. There were a couple of shortER chapters, but for the most part they were long ones. Long chaptered books take me longer than normal to read.

Anyway, I definitely recommend this one. It is an excellent read.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Boneman's Daughters

I am a HUGE Ted Dekker fan. When I saw that he had this book that was recently released I had to get it on book on CD. Seriously. This man never fails to entertain me with his writing.

The BoneMan, a serial killer, who murders his victims by breaking their bones, but not their skin, re-emerges after a two-year hiatus and abducts 16-year-old Bethany Evans, the estranged daughter of military intelligence officer Ryan Evans. Having recently returned from Iraq, where he was captured and psychologically tortured by insurgents, Ryan is an emotional wreck. His mental state not only impedes his efforts to find Bethany, but also gives the authorities reason to suspect him of being the BoneMan himself.

It doesn't necessarily have a "and they lived happily ever after" ending, but it had an ending of justice.... I like the bad guys to get it in the end. :)

The bit of the book is a little hard- it's about Ryan's experience being tortured by insurgents. Part of the torture is him having to watch children getting murdered with a hammer. It doesn't go into it graphically, but If you 'see' the book as you are reading it, then it's a little disturbing.... but this only lasts just a little bit.

Ted Dekker is a great writer. He very rarely uses swear words and he isn't into sex scenes. He also has colorful characters in each of his books.

I don't think I'd ever own this book, but I definitely am glad I read it.


I started this book thinking I wasn't going to like it. It was picked by my book club and when I read the reviews online there seem to a be a lot of negative things said and it was also listed as a romance novel. Then I receive the book and it's 850 pages long!!! I thought great this is going to take me forever to read. The book starts in the year 1945 with a man and wife who are recently reunited. She had been away working as a combat nurse. As I start reading about this couple I really wasn't into them. Then there is a sex scene between the two and it was very detailed and all I could think was this is going to be like one of those Harlequin novels and I'm not going to be able to read all 850 pages. As the story goes on Claire, the nurse, goes out for a walk and comes across this ancient stone circle. When she touches one of the stones she is transported back to Scotland in the year 1743. From this point on I am sucked into this book. As soon as Claire steps foot in Scotland her life is immediately in danger. She is rescued by a group of Highland warriors. From there her life takes an exciting turn after another. This books is filled with lot of suspense and action. I stayed up last night until 2 am just so I could finish the last 250 pages. I could not go to bed without finding out how this book ended. This book is also the first of a series. I believe there are 7 more books and I am definitely going to be reading the second one. Okay, here are the warning parts. There is a lot of violence, during this time period it was very common for people to be flogged so there is quite a bit of physical violence inflicted in this book. There is also a lot of sex. Some of it was mutual, some of it was not. With all that being said I really loved this book. I know we have talked about it before, but this is one of those books you just want to crawl inside of it and stay.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

I've seen this book on the bestseller lists and the Barnes and Noble's table and recommended lists but didn't give it a try because I didn't think I'd like it....I was wrong :) And, I'm really glad I tried it. It's a light read and the characters are really lovable. But the thing that I loved the most about it was the history that winds through it. Set in the English Channel Islands just after the end of WWII, it deals with a lot of dark topics but it definitely isn't a dark book. I learned a lot about England during WWII and the German Occupation of Guernsey Islands. It doesn't read like a history lesson, though. If you're looking for quick read with a little bit of history, love, and lots of witty characters, this is your book :)

Oh, and it's written as a series of letters which is why I wasn't at first interested. But, I think that format really worked for this story. Enjoy!

Monday, February 22, 2010

A Child Called "IT"

I also read this last week.

I didn't post about it, because I figure I'm one of the last people on the planet to read it

I was so horrified by it, as I'm sure everyone who read it was.

I can't believe things like this actually happen. I can't imagine a mother doing these things to her child she gave birth to. It's so worse than I could have even imagined.

I ordered the next two books in this series from PBS because I'm so curious as to how his story plays out. I hope he talks more about his birth family in the next books.

I'd love to know what you guys, who've read these books, think of them.

Sarah's Key

I just finished this a minute ago. I don't really have the words to describe how much I loved it. It's definitely in my list of all-time favorites, though.

It's set in France and takes place both during the holocaust and present day.

It follows the tragic story of the little girl, Sarah, and her family.

I have to warn you, this is not really a happy story. Even though I know in my brain that it's fiction, my heart is still hurting by this story's events. I guess it's because I know that it very well could be true. Something like this could have happened during this period. It hurts. Every part of this book hurts. But it is so enriching, so educational. I had no idea that France had such a roll in the Holocaust as they did.

Another reason I probably loved this book so is that I have always had an intense interest in this part of history. My grandma loves history and now I realize how odd it is, being that I am grown with children, but I can remember my grandma telling me all about World War II, the Holocaust, that awful man Hitler, and everything she had ever learned about that time when I was a little girl. She always talked about it. I guess the things she had learned and the stories she had heard really affected her, because she made sure I knew all about it.

I loved this book and I recommend it to all. Even if you're not big on sad stories, I think this is a story everyone needs to read, due to it's historical value. I can't imagine that Europe accepted what went on during that time. It hurts my heart so much to think about it.

I know I'll read this book again in the future, it's just that kind of book.

The Weight of Heaven

Loved Thrity Urmrigar's book "The Space Between Us" so when I saw this...had to get it. Really good read, but if you're not into really happy books with happy endings, I wouldn't suggest it. It's about a couple who lose their only child, a 7 year old boy, to a sudden illness. Trying to start a new life and find each other again, they accept a transfer to India with the husband's job. Frank, the husband, befriends a young local boy. Frank becomes desperate to save the boy from his alcoholic father and the poverty he is destined to grow up in, but does the boy really need saving? Or is Frank just trying to replace his missing son? A surprise twist at the end :)...but like I said....not exactly a happy one.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Speaking of slackers ;), I've been one. Besides being sick and super busy (who knew February was such a hot month for pictures?!) I realized I haven't posted ANY reviews yet. Shame. I have been reading, though. I figured I'd post some of my fav. reads from the past few weeks.

Loved this book! It's all about a bully of a preacher who packs up his wife and 4 daughters and heads to the Congo, in a time of political instability, with a grand plan to change and enlighten it. It's the Congo, though, that ends up changing him and his family in ways they will never recover from. It's actually told from the point of view from his wife and daughters. One of my new all-time favorite books. My only qualm with it is it could have ended 50 pages sooner than it did.

Another great read! This one was hmmm, for lack of better wording, beautiful and horrifying. It HURT to read it at times, like someone punched me in the gut. I couldn't get the book out of my mind. It haunted me. It is told from the past and the present and revolves around a little girl named Sarah and her story during the holocaust.

This one was a quick read. I liked it well enough but have to admit, the main character drove me a little crazy with her stupidity. Seriously, is it ever a good idea to marry a man you have known only a week and head off to live in his very remote mansion? Especially when you have two little girls? And really, isn't it a red flag when he wants you to wear his mother's nightgown on your wedding night...and every intimate night after that. Hello! I suppose it made for a good story.

I'm currently reading this book

and loving it. I've actually read it before but it's good enough to read again.

Oh, almost forgot. I finished, A Million Little Pieces but lost the card Candace gave me telling me who to send it to next. Help. Thanks.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Ok, so I haven't even started Still Alice. I know, it's sad. Please don't boot me from the group. I'm gonna have to read it in March. The thing is, my husband is leaving for a 13 month deployment in less than two weeks. I've definitely had time to read it, but I know myself. If I start a book I have a hard time doing ANYTHING else. My kids sometimes go hungry when I'm reading a good book. It's horrible. So, the last thing I need right now is any distractions. So if you guys will give me leniency this once, I'd appreciate it. But in a couple of weeks, I'm gonna need ALL the distractions I can get!!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

No Place Like Home

I thought I wouldn't have time to read more than one book this month, but last Wednesday when I had nothing to do on my lunch break at work, my co-worker handed me this book. It was a page turner for sure! I have yet to be disappointed by Mary Higgins Clark.

The book is about a woman who in her early 30's gets the biggest shock when her new husband surprises her for her birthday by buying her a beautiful home (without her pre-approval). Little did he know that she had a secret past that she had never before shared with him. When she was 10 years old she shot and killed her mother on accident, trying to actually save her from her step father. This beautiful home that her new husband surprised her with turns out to be the very same house that she killed her mother in all those years ago.

As the book progresses it's clear that someone in her old town recognizes her as 'Little Lizzie', the deranged little girl that murdered her mother (as that was what was painted of her at her trial)... and is trying to set her up for committing more murders .

She tries her best to protect her little boy from the truth as well as her new husband.

I really liked that in the end of this book it turned out really happy- with an unexpected turn. :)

Monday, February 15, 2010

90 Minutes in Heaven

I've been dying to read this, so I picked it up this afternoon and read it in a matter of hours.

It is so amazing.

It's the story of a Baptist preacher in Texas who was involved in a very serious accident in which he was instantly killed. For 90 minutes he lay dead under a tarp at the accident site.

This book details his experience and the aftermath.

It's truly incredible. I highly recommend it.

I have to say, though, that books like this one and "The Shack" make me seriously reflect on my life and almost feel bad about myself. I am such a believer in Christ and I am the best person that I know how to be, however, I am not involved in a local church. I feel the most inspired and motivated by preachers such as Joel Osteen, who are uplifting and just amazing in their sermons and touch your soul with each one. The churches around here are old country churches with preachers that reflect the church. Very preachy, very old-fashioned and I just truly don't get a lot out of going to churches like that. I wish so much there was a church that I felt like fit my personality here where I live, because I would love to be involved and have my children involved in a church. I hope I don't go to hell for not being a faithful church go-er.

Start whenever you're ready!

I'm going to start tomorrow. :)
I just started this book last night and LOVE it. Wow. My boss's wife gave it to me to borrow. Really quick read, and SO intriguing. If not for work, kids, and our really gross and debilitating plumbing issues going on at my house tonight (GRRRR:/), I would have it finished! Highly recommend it, you PBS'ers!!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

This Week From PBS

These are the books I received this week from PBS.

Have you read any of them?

Do you like em?

Do you hate em?

Tell me! I'm trying to figure out which one I want to read first. ;)

Book #2

Girls, I have been sick the past few days and between that and the distraction of our snow, I have not been on top of my reading game. I'm only about a third of the way through the book I'm currently reading. Would it be okay if we plan to start "The Murderer's Daughters" on Tuesday or Wednesday? Just let me know what you think. I know that everyone wasn't going to do this read anyway, but still, I'd like to start reading it when those of you who are planning to read it want to start.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Last Night in Twisted River

If you've ever read a John Irving book and liked it, you'll LOVE this one. At least I did :) His storytelling is so's a nice change of pace from the usual start-to-finish type of storytelling. You get to know the characters bit by bit throughout the book. He writes in a "flashback" sort of way but it's so creatively done that's it's not overwhelming and boring. And it all ties together so well!

This one is about a father and son who are on the run after the son accidentally mistakes the father's lover for a bear and kills her. It spans 5 decades of their lives in the US and Canada and the people they meet are fascinating and lovable. It's kind of a sad story but the ending turns out pretty well. But, it's a lot like real life in that there are ups/downs and consequences for your actions.

I've read quite a few of his books. Some are fantastic (Cider House Rules, World According to Garp, Prayer for Owen Meany (one of my faves!!) ) and some of his books I really wasn't able to get into, let alone finish. This one has kind of a slow start, but stick with it and it gets REALLY good and it's hard to put down. Loved it and would totally recommend it!

The Angel Experiment (Maxium Ride)

I'm a big fan of James Patterson. This books is geared toward teenagers but I thought I would give it a shot because I got it free for my Kindle. If any of you have ever read Patterson's When The Wind Blows then you will be familiar with the concept of this book. Basically it is about a group of kids who have been genetically engineered to fly. They had escaped from the lab they were made in. This book basically tells of how the lab is trying to get them back and the kids are trying to figure out why what was done to them was done. Like all Patterson books this one was a very fast read. I thought the storyline though was just okay. It seemed to be lacking some meat to it and you really never got any of your questions answered. I'm going to try the second book in the series though and see how that one turns out.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Dear John

I really wanted to read this one because it's at the theater right now.

It was so great. Such a wonderful love story that I can relate to in so many ways. It was similar to many events that have taken place in my life, so it really hit very close to home for me.

For those of you that haven't read it, it's about a young man -John- who grew up with only his father and after floundering and making poor decisions after high school decided to join the Army, to try to steer his life in a better direction.

A few years into his army career, he returned home to Wilmington, NC. He was on a two week leave that summer and he was visiting his father. During that time he met Savannah, a beautiful college student from UNC. She and a group of co-eds were at the beach for the summer to build houses for habitat for humanity.

They fell in love and after their stint at the beach together, she returned to college and he returned to Germany where he was stationed.

This story spans a 7 year time frame and during that time so much happened in their lives. September 11th happened, John's father had some health issues, Savannah finished her degree at UNC and their relationship continued long-distance... through letters.

It's a wonderful story and unlike other Nicholas Sparks books, I only cried once.... briefly. Nights in Rodanthe.. geez, I almost finished off a whole box of Kleenez and my eyes were swollen the entire next day.

I would recommend it to anyone who'd like to read a love story. I do have to warn, it didn't end ideally. At least, it didn't end as I would have wanted it to end. It had a sweet ending, just not the one I would have preferred.

Random Family

This is the true story of growing up in the ghetto of the Bronx. While I was reading this I couldn't help but think the whole time, thank goodness I wasn't born in this kind of life. Most of the boys are drug dealers by the age of 15. The girls get pregnant at an early age and most have 3-4 kids by the age of 20 (most of which have different fathers). The men end up in jail while the women move on from loser to loser. The families hop from one house to another because they would get kicked out from wherever they were staying. This book made me so angry because there were so many times someone could change their life and follow a different path then what their friends or family were doing but they always seem to get sucked right back in. I especially felt sorry for the children in this book. You could probably fast forward 15 years and their life would be the same story as what is in this book. This book was definitely not a light read but if anyone is interested in reading about this lifestyle the author did a great job of telling the families' stories.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Hunger Games

These. books. are. SO. good! I read them both in 2 days -- couldn't put them down. My hubbers (who isn't really a reader) stayed up until 2 a.m. to finish one! You have to read them!
They are set in the future (which is not something I'm usually into...) but they're not to far-fetched or sciency. Anyway, the controlling government holds the "Hunger Games" each year to keep the people in their place. It's an amazing adventure of a girl named Katniss, a real survivor, who discovers who she is and how to trust and love. Ugh, that makes it sound all cheesy. I not good at this. But stop sitting there, and go get your hands on these books! ;)
***I can't believe I have to wait until August 24 for the third one to come out!***

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Water for Elephants

Oh gosh, I can't even put into words how much I LOVED this book!

I've never known anything about the circus life and honestly, I was skeptical about whether or not this would be a good read, but boy, oh, boy! I was so immersed from the very start.

It's a wonderful, colorful story about love, tragedy, life during the depression, and the ruthlessness of some people in business.

The main character, Jacob, experiences a horrible tragedy at the end of his college career in Veterinary school and it leads him onto a path where he jumps a train one night, which ends up being a circus train. At that, he's thrust into the circus life.

At the same time, Jacob is an old man, 90 or 93, he's not sure which, in an assisted living facility and he's a grumpy old man. His grumpiness may be offensive to some, but I think he's so cute. I can only imagine how frustrating it would be to be at that point in your life and you're once again treated like a baby, when you were once an active, vibrant, successful man.

This story, though, switches between the current day with him in the assisted living facility and his wonderful recollections of circus life.

It's also the story of Marlena, the beautiful performer and Rosie, the misunderstood elephant.

The story is full of conflict and lots of twists and turns. It never slowed down and it never got boring.

I just loved this story so much and I definitely highly recommend it!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Light read

As I mentioned in one of my comments, I am all about light hearted reads. I love a happy ending that makes me smile. This one didn't disappoint.

I'm assuming that this is a short book, there was only 4 CD's in the 'book'......

The story follows a straight laced lady named Louisa Brannigan and her unruly upstairs neighbor Pete. Of course they fall in love (giddy sigh.......) and it just is about their journey. Granted... it's not a 'complete work of art', I don't think I'd ever purchase it to be in my permanent library. It was just a fun read.

This was the first book I've "read" by this author. According to reviews that I was just looking at, she basically follows the same story line, with the same types of plots.... just different character names. If you have ever read one of her books and had it go differently, I'd like to know, as she was enjoyable to read.

(P.S. My husband is going to be a little weirded out by me googling "Naughty Neighbor" in order to find a picture of the book..... there are some definite 'Naughty' sites that pop up in the search... lol... (abort! abort!)

Paperback Swap... a HUGE success!


If you are not yet using, you MUST check it out.

So far, I've gotten rid of so many unwanted books. It's just unreal. I've mailed out somewhere around 45 books and on my wish list are books that are brand new either on the best seller list or something that I've been wanting for a long time.

So far, I have received all the books above and I have 11 more that should arrive sometime this week.

I am so thankful to Tempie for introducing me to this site! I'm so in love.

Everytime I go to the bookstore or Target, I always see SO MANY books that I would love to try out, but of course, I can't BUY them all.

Well, now I am GETTING them and they're MINE for next to nothing!

It's such a great, great resource!

What I love the most about this is that all the books I've gotten so far are in excellent shape.

Water For Elephants, which I'm reading right now came to me BRAND NEW. Not a scratch, not a fold, nothing! The book looked like it had never been opened before.

AND I'm getting rid of books that I never thought anyone would ever want. I'm getting rid of old textbooks from college, trade sized paperback books that I read in high school, teaching manuals... I truly can't believe the things that people on there really want. It really points out that one person's trash is another person's treasure!

And the site keeps track of everything for you, so far, I've saved $49.50, and that includes all that I have spent mailing my books out (which is so cheap, they go at the media mail rate).

Anyway, I am just so in love, I can't help but sharing my wonderful experience with you guys. :)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Nights In Rodanthe

Okay, remember how I told you guys a few weeks ago that I had a really hard time reading and finishing a Nicholas Sparks book?

Well, boy am I eating my words.

Last night, I put Noah to bed at 8pm, as always and when I left his room, I stopped by my bookcases in my living room and I was pondering, trying to decide what I wanted to start reading, since I had just finished the James Patterson book. Well, I knew I wanted something completely different than what I had just read and my eyes landed on this one... Nights in Rodanthe.

I was hesitant, because I didn't want to be bored and for some reason, in the past, what I've read of his bored the crap outta me. I think it was the book, "A Bend in the Road" that gave me that impression of his books. I could not finish that book. I read probably half of it and I would find myself reading, but thinking about what I was missing on tv or something random like that. I love the movies that his books are made into, the books just left a lot to be desired for me... in the past.

Well, no more, my friends. I sat down with this book last night at 8pm and I finished it a few hours later. I'm sure a lot of you have either already read this or seen the movie, but this wonderful little book has been hanging out on my shelves for the past... I don't know... 4 or 5 years and I can't believe I let it sit there that long.

This book reminded me so much of "Bridges of Madison County" and well, when I went to see that movie with my mom when I was in high school, I cried my head off. I started crying in the theater, cried all the way home, and cried myself to sleep.

And this book was the same way. I cried so hard and so much, I had tissues piled beside me on my bed and my eyes are still swollen.

Now I'm wondering, is the movie that good? I know the movies never live up to the books, but was it a good one? Is it worth seeing?

Friday, February 5, 2010

Worst Case

Gosh, I love James Patterson. He NEVER disappoints.

And this one features my favorite of his detectives, Michael Bennett. The NYC detective with the 10 adopted kids. Love him.

This one just came out earlier this week and I highly recommend it! Non-stop action and a little bit a love mixed in there too! :)

The Namesake

I have also been bitten by the Paperback Swap bug and I am working on getting rid of some of my books. I came across this one and thought I would offer it to you ladies first. This was a really good book. Jhumpa Lahiri came out with another book a few years ago that is on my To-Read list I just haven't gotten around to it yet. Oh, this book was also made into a movie so some of you may have seen it. Anyway, if anyone is interested just let me know.

Excellent Kid's Books

Hey guys! My new obsession with Paperback Swap has prompted me to go through the boxes upon boxes upon boxes of teaching supplies that I have (that I probably will never use again) and I'm listing most of my teaching manuals (which I have TONS of them) and also my classroom sets of novels that I acquired.

I have sets of the five books above and I definitely no longer need 30 copies of each of these books! So, I wanted to see if any of you would like to have any of these for you and your children!

Let me know, I'd love to share with you! :)

I Just Can't...

...finish this book:

Actually, I can't even really start it. I'm only about 60 pages in and I'm setting it down and walking away. I feel like a failure :) I'm so glad it wasn't voted in as one of our next reads. I would have been REALLY disappointed then. It sounded promising so I'm not sure why I can't fight through it. It was originally written in French and then translated. Maybe something was lost in translation. On to the next read....

Next THREE Books??

Tell me what you think about this.

The Murderer's Daughters won the vote yesterday, so I figured we'd read it next. Like maybe try to be ready to go around Feb. 15th, since that will be approximately the middle of the month.

Then, we could read these two...

In March, because they each got the same number of votes.

How does that sound?

Thursday, February 4, 2010

I hope to finish this book tomorrow and I won't be sad ONLY because there are more where this one came from! ;) This is my first Marian Keyes book and I honestly loved it. Chick Lit 100%!!! I must warn you: she drops the *f* bomb frequently, but she is a riot. She is also Irish, so it took me a few chapters (short chapters-love that) to really "get" her dialect and slang. Kinda like Bridget Jones' Diary; once you "get it ", you "get it". This novel so far has had mystery, humor, romance, sadness....SO many elements and I still have 130 pages to go! Who knows what's still to come?!?! I will DEFINITELY be reading more from Marian Keyes;D

Let's Vote!!!

Okay, girls, I think all the books that are going to be suggested have been, so let's vote!

Vote for your top three and you can vote for your own if you want, just try to only vote for one of your own.

Voting will end tonight at midnight! :)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

BLAME it on NO Quotation Marks!!

First of all....

What kind of freaking editor sends a novel to the publisher with NO QUOTATION MARKS in the entire book???????

How am I supposed to know what is being "said" and what is just being thought???

I CANNOT read a book with no quotation marks.

Am I the only type A person on here who requires this of something she's reading? I have read.... A LOT of books in my life and this is definitely the first one where the author must've skipped that day in English class.

Sorry, I'll stop ranting, but I am FURIOUS! This book looks so good and I just cannot read it.



In Case You Wanna Take a Peek...

Update everyone

Hey guys-

I've seen the emails coming through and wanted to say thank you for the congratulations about our new addition the family. Max Henry Bergman! He's adorable but OMG I had no idea what a newborn would be like. He rejected his formula so we had a week of no sleep and screaming for hours. I called his Grandma to come and we've switched his formula and so life is getting better. I won't be reading anytime soon. When I do have a moment, I try to sleep.

I did want everyone to know I read the story about Alice before I was pregnant and found it incredibly sad but also interesting. My Grandmother suffers from depression so it was interesting to read parts and say, oh is that why she did this and that?

Enjoy ladies and when things slow down.. maybe next month I will be able to read again!

New Reads!?!?

Here are 3 books I am currently waiting to arrive at my house......

FEMINISTA - by Erica Kennedy

MORE THAN THIS - by Margo Candela

NOTORIOUS - by Michelle Martinez

I tried to insert the pics like everyone else but they don't seem to go where I put them...

February Read #2

Okay, if you want to participate in nominating a second book for February, please do, I'd love to see what everyone is eyeballing right now! :)

Please submit your book for nomination by tomorrow at 2pm est, that's 24 hrs from now, hopefully that's enough time. We'll start voting then!

Thanks! :)

Oh, and if you'd like to read more about my nomination, click here

After Still Alice?

I love "Still Alice" sooooo much that I can't put it down. I know I'm going to finish it today, though, because I'm going to be away from my kids most of the day, which means.... reading tiiiiiiiiiiiiimmmmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeee!!! ;)
It's too compelling and it's literally ripping my heart out. I cried in the most bizarre place last night, but I'm not going to say where, because I know not everyone is in the same spot.

Is anyone up for another group read this month? I love reading together! It's awesome to me to be reading, knowing you guys are reading the same words I'm reading.

If anyone else would like to do a group read, let me know! :)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Beginning of "Still Alice"

I read the first 50 pages last and it is already scaring the poop outta me.

I now understand why people who have Alzheimer's in their family are so anxious to find a cure.

The incident that's so disturbing so far for me is when she was running in Harvard square and suddenly had no idea how to get home. She seemed to know where she was, but she didn't know which direction to go from where she was at. And she'd lived there half her life. So terrifying.

And also that this is happening to her so young. 50. That's how old my mom is. I can't imagine....

Is everyone reading? Tell me where you are and what you think! ;)

The House on Tradd Street

I lived in Beaufort, SC for three years. It was an hour drive from Charleston, SC and 45 mins. from Savannah, GA. I instantly fell in love with both cities and would love to live in one of them someday. This book is sit in Charleston so that was plus for me. It's the story of a realtor named Melanie Middleton who inherits one of Charleston's historical houses from a man she just met. He leaves it to her for her to solve the mystery of what happened to his mother many years ago. This book has mystery, ghost, and romance. This was a quick read and I definitely liked the book. The author has wrote another book with these same characters in it that I am going to check out. If anyone would like to read this just let me know and I will send you my copy.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Her Fearful Symmetry

Audrey Niffenegger is such a master storyteller, in my opinion.

This story was crafted brilliantly. She grabs you from the very first sentence and holds you captive the entire read. I can't wait for her next novel to be released.

Now to start "Still Alice"...

Go Ahead, Everyone!! :)

Feel free to start "Still Alice" if you're ready to!

I've officially learned my lesson...

When I have other things going on, I cannot read a 400 page book in 3 days. I know my limits now. ;)

I still have 150 pages left in "Her Fearful Symmetry" and the book is so excellent, I just cannot bear to put it down. I do plan to be done with it by the end of the day (fingers crossed) so I'll start "Still Alice" tomorrow! :)

Happy Reading!!!!!