Wednesday, February 3, 2010

BLAME it on NO Quotation Marks!!

First of all....

What kind of freaking editor sends a novel to the publisher with NO QUOTATION MARKS in the entire book???????

How am I supposed to know what is being "said" and what is just being thought???

I CANNOT read a book with no quotation marks.

Am I the only type A person on here who requires this of something she's reading? I have read.... A LOT of books in my life and this is definitely the first one where the author must've skipped that day in English class.

Sorry, I'll stop ranting, but I am FURIOUS! This book looks so good and I just cannot read it.




  1. I read No country for old men and it was the same way. It definitely took some getting used to, but it wasn't so bad. I think that you should try it.

  2. I cannot remember the name of the book I 'read' (Book on CD) but at the end of every sentence it would say " She said" or "He said" or "They said" "She thought", etc... It drove me nuts! I guess the only thing good that came of it was my husband and I got to mock it for at least a month. :)


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