Sunday, February 28, 2010

Skeletons at the Feast

I finished this one last night and it was really excellent.

It's another book that takes place during WWII. I really love books that are based during this time period, because the stories are engrossing and you learn things at the same time.

I have such a hard time accepting that these kinds of things happened as recently as 60 years ago. It's horrendous the loss and the pain the Jewish people had to endure. One thing I really loved about this story was that it was mainly told from a German family's point of view. There were Jewish viewpoints as well, but the main characters were German and it really shows that the general population wasn't necessarily aware of the disgusting, horrible things that were going on.

It honestly took me a bit to get into this book. I'm a huge fan of short chapters, because short chapters mean I can pause frequently without frustration. This book had a 35 page PROLOGUE! I was mildly disturbed by this. And the rest of the book pretty much followed suit. There were a couple of shortER chapters, but for the most part they were long ones. Long chaptered books take me longer than normal to read.

Anyway, I definitely recommend this one. It is an excellent read.


  1. It looks interesting. I have just posted it to my wish list. :)

  2. I LOVE this author but I honestly couldn't get into this book and I don't think I made it very far before I put it aside. I was bummed too because some of his other ones are really, really great reads. Maybe I'll have to try this one again.

    He has a new one "Secrets of Eden" that I have on a waiting list at my library right now. Others that I have loved of his: The Double Bind (super good!), Buffalo Solider, Before you Know Kindness...the list goes on :-)

    And, I've started Olive Kitteridge! Good so far :)

  3. Erica, I know exactly what you mean about not being able to get into it. Bonnie told me I should read it and so I started it and that prologue was horrible to me. It was SO much information, all these characters, things switching all around. I was getting confused and I felt so just thrown into the middle of a story that I had no idea about. Of course, I also had the Olympics on the tv while I was reading, so I'm sure that didn't help. But, after I read the first couple of chapters, it really got a lot better.

    And I'm going to start Olive today. I have to finish up what I'm reading now and then I'm starting. Glad to hear it's good! :)

  4. I just finished this book last night. Very good. I was able to get past the long chapters- I guess that's the perks of books on tape, you just trudge on. :)

    I wish some of the parts of the story turned out a little differently-

    There were parts that were so sad- parts filled with hope- It was a really really good book.

    Thanks for the suggestion!

  5. I know, wasn't it so horrible about the women jews and of course, the little brother... I forget his name now, but that just broke my heart thinking about that poor mother having to deal with that.


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