Wednesday, February 17, 2010

No Place Like Home

I thought I wouldn't have time to read more than one book this month, but last Wednesday when I had nothing to do on my lunch break at work, my co-worker handed me this book. It was a page turner for sure! I have yet to be disappointed by Mary Higgins Clark.

The book is about a woman who in her early 30's gets the biggest shock when her new husband surprises her for her birthday by buying her a beautiful home (without her pre-approval). Little did he know that she had a secret past that she had never before shared with him. When she was 10 years old she shot and killed her mother on accident, trying to actually save her from her step father. This beautiful home that her new husband surprised her with turns out to be the very same house that she killed her mother in all those years ago.

As the book progresses it's clear that someone in her old town recognizes her as 'Little Lizzie', the deranged little girl that murdered her mother (as that was what was painted of her at her trial)... and is trying to set her up for committing more murders .

She tries her best to protect her little boy from the truth as well as her new husband.

I really liked that in the end of this book it turned out really happy- with an unexpected turn. :)


  1. This sounds familiar. I think I may have read this before. I LOVE Mary Higgins Clark. She is like James Patterson. Her mysteries are always awesome, you can't put them down and they never disappoint!

  2. I read this one a few months back and I really liked it as well! :D Definitely a page-turner!


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