Saturday, February 27, 2010

Boneman's Daughters

I am a HUGE Ted Dekker fan. When I saw that he had this book that was recently released I had to get it on book on CD. Seriously. This man never fails to entertain me with his writing.

The BoneMan, a serial killer, who murders his victims by breaking their bones, but not their skin, re-emerges after a two-year hiatus and abducts 16-year-old Bethany Evans, the estranged daughter of military intelligence officer Ryan Evans. Having recently returned from Iraq, where he was captured and psychologically tortured by insurgents, Ryan is an emotional wreck. His mental state not only impedes his efforts to find Bethany, but also gives the authorities reason to suspect him of being the BoneMan himself.

It doesn't necessarily have a "and they lived happily ever after" ending, but it had an ending of justice.... I like the bad guys to get it in the end. :)

The bit of the book is a little hard- it's about Ryan's experience being tortured by insurgents. Part of the torture is him having to watch children getting murdered with a hammer. It doesn't go into it graphically, but If you 'see' the book as you are reading it, then it's a little disturbing.... but this only lasts just a little bit.

Ted Dekker is a great writer. He very rarely uses swear words and he isn't into sex scenes. He also has colorful characters in each of his books.

I don't think I'd ever own this book, but I definitely am glad I read it.


  1. I read one of his books a few years ago. I think it was called Blink.

  2. I've never heard of this author!! This is one thing I love about doing this book club with you girls! I am constantly learning about books and authors I've never, ever heard of!! :)


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