Monday, February 15, 2010

Start whenever you're ready!

I'm going to start tomorrow. :)


  1. I've started this and it is SOOO good. I have to say, it's a lot different than I was expecting when I started. For some reason, I thought the book was going to stay in the girl's childhood, but it's not, it's following them throughout life. I REALLY love this book. I love the way the author writes. She's remarkable. I can't believe it's her first novel.

    I'd love to know what you guys who are also reading this one think! :)

  2. I've started but I'm only about 20 pages in :( My mom has been in town all week (yay!!!) so we've been busy. She leaves on Friday so maybe this weekend I'll be a better reader.

  3. I am at 44% so I'm guessing around page 141. I'm really liking it so far. I had no clue this was this author's first novel, you definitely can't tell it.

  4. I didn't get as much reading done today as I would have liked. I'm only at the 68% mark (est. page 218). This book has really gotten me wondering if I had been put in those girls position how would I feel about my father. I'm pretty sure I would have cut all ties with him but then again growing up like they did maybe I would feel differently.

    So Candace, I bet you are done reading this. Am I right? :)

  5. Ha! Yeah, I finished last night, read another today, and just started another... ;)

    I couldn't sleep last night, though. I swear, I fell asleep around 1am and woke up at 3:30 am wide awake! So I read and watched the Olympics til 6 am, then slept til my kids woke me up. Weird night.

    I was so torn reading this book. I think what kept echoing in my head was the Oprah show I watched not too long ago about a girl about our age whose father was a murderer and she had done like Merry and visited her father faithfully and her father was ruling her life in a way from inside the prison, through letters and requests and such. And a psychologist (it may have been Dr. Phil) told her to LET HIM GO! He was only sucking the life outta her and he was dangerous and not the kind of person her children should be around.

    Also, I tend to be a control freak, especially when it comes to my children, so I could TOTALLY understand LuLu. I would have been the same way. I would not want anything to do with him or him be near my children.

    But... then I think of it in terms of MY dad and I know how much I love my dad and I know that even though my dad has made some questionable decisions (as we all have) that I love him no matter what and when he seems most vulnerable to judgement from others, I'm right there like a guard dog for him.

    So, I really, in all honesty, was completely torn the entire book. There were times I wanted to shake Merry and there were times I wanted to scream at LuLu and tell her to shut her big fat mouth! LOL

    I don't know, it was a hard book for me and it ended very abruptly. You will see. I literally read the last sentence on the last page and turned the page as if the paragraph were going to continue and it didn't. I literally checked my book to see if it was missing pages. I feel like she did wrap things up, but still, it ended too suddenly for me.

    Can't wait to hear what you think!

    p.s. I've only read the first three pages of "Sarah's Key" ( it was one of the ones that was recommended in January, I think) and it is so magnetic already! I'm about to go to bed and read for a few minutes before I pass out.. and hopefully sleep the whole night this time. :)

  6. p.s. I say literally too much. I need a new word. :)

  7. I just finished the book, I liked it. I thought the ending was pretty good, I think the author did a good job of tying everything up. I esp. loved the part at the end when Lulu went to visit her aunt. I'm so glad she did that. Also, that scene in Merry's office I was on the edge of my seat the whole time while I was reading that. I wasn't sure which way the author was going to go with it. (I would love to elaborate more on this but out of respect to others reading it I will leave it at that). :) Overall I would say it's a pretty good book. I would definitely try something else by this author.

    Okay, time to move on to my other book club's book. We are reading "Outlander" and luckily I just received my copy in the mail today from PBS. It's 850 pages and I have to have it done by next Sunday (the 28th). I don't know if that is going to happen. Has anyone read this book before?

  8. I finally finished it. I had a hard time getting into it (probably didn't help that my mom was in town visiting) but after the first 100 pages of so it started moving for me. I thought it was pretty good. It seemed almost like a biography because it seemed so "real". I couldn't imagine having that as your past. A few times, I felt like telling them to "get over it" and ignore him, but this is something only a victim would truly be able to understand. I too loved the part where she went to her Aunt's house :)

    And, I've never read the Outlander. Good luck with that one and your deadline!

  9. I've never heard of Outlander, Tempie, review it when you're done!! :)

    And Erica, I agree with you about The Murderer's Daughters. It did seem like it could be very true.


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