Thursday, February 4, 2010

I hope to finish this book tomorrow and I won't be sad ONLY because there are more where this one came from! ;) This is my first Marian Keyes book and I honestly loved it. Chick Lit 100%!!! I must warn you: she drops the *f* bomb frequently, but she is a riot. She is also Irish, so it took me a few chapters (short chapters-love that) to really "get" her dialect and slang. Kinda like Bridget Jones' Diary; once you "get it ", you "get it". This novel so far has had mystery, humor, romance, sadness....SO many elements and I still have 130 pages to go! Who knows what's still to come?!?! I will DEFINITELY be reading more from Marian Keyes;D

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  1. I ordered this one from paperback swap. I hope it comes soon. I have honestly never heard of her until I saw her newest novel, "The Brightest Star In The Sky" reviewed in People a few weeks ago. I posted that one on here. I can't wait to read some of her work!


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