Saturday, February 20, 2010


Speaking of slackers ;), I've been one. Besides being sick and super busy (who knew February was such a hot month for pictures?!) I realized I haven't posted ANY reviews yet. Shame. I have been reading, though. I figured I'd post some of my fav. reads from the past few weeks.

Loved this book! It's all about a bully of a preacher who packs up his wife and 4 daughters and heads to the Congo, in a time of political instability, with a grand plan to change and enlighten it. It's the Congo, though, that ends up changing him and his family in ways they will never recover from. It's actually told from the point of view from his wife and daughters. One of my new all-time favorite books. My only qualm with it is it could have ended 50 pages sooner than it did.

Another great read! This one was hmmm, for lack of better wording, beautiful and horrifying. It HURT to read it at times, like someone punched me in the gut. I couldn't get the book out of my mind. It haunted me. It is told from the past and the present and revolves around a little girl named Sarah and her story during the holocaust.

This one was a quick read. I liked it well enough but have to admit, the main character drove me a little crazy with her stupidity. Seriously, is it ever a good idea to marry a man you have known only a week and head off to live in his very remote mansion? Especially when you have two little girls? And really, isn't it a red flag when he wants you to wear his mother's nightgown on your wedding night...and every intimate night after that. Hello! I suppose it made for a good story.

I'm currently reading this book

and loving it. I've actually read it before but it's good enough to read again.

Oh, almost forgot. I finished, A Million Little Pieces but lost the card Candace gave me telling me who to send it to next. Help. Thanks.


  1. I'm reading "Sarah's Key" right now! I'm loving it so far!

    And "A Million Little Pieces" was supposed to go to Tempie next. Did you get the James Patterson book I sent you?

  2. Brittney, what great looking books. I have added them to my need to read list.

  3. I was always curious about Poisonwood Bible...I'll have to add it to my list. And Sarah's Key is on my list too :)

  4. I just ordered Rebecca from PBS. It seems like I may have heard of it before, but I know I haven't read it. It sounds really good, I look forward to getting it!


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