Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Update everyone

Hey guys-

I've seen the emails coming through and wanted to say thank you for the congratulations about our new addition the family. Max Henry Bergman! He's adorable but OMG I had no idea what a newborn would be like. He rejected his formula so we had a week of no sleep and screaming for hours. I called his Grandma to come and we've switched his formula and so life is getting better. I won't be reading anytime soon. When I do have a moment, I try to sleep.

I did want everyone to know I read the story about Alice before I was pregnant and found it incredibly sad but also interesting. My Grandmother suffers from depression so it was interesting to read parts and say, oh is that why she did this and that?

Enjoy ladies and when things slow down.. maybe next month I will be able to read again!

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  1. Oh, Leigh, getting used to a new baby is so exhausting! :) I know you are loving him up, though! I know you aren't going to have time to read, I think Noah was a couple of months old before I did anything but feed him, change him, and sleep with him. Enjoy your baby boy, he'll be big and all over the place before you know it! :)


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