Saturday, February 6, 2010

Nights In Rodanthe

Okay, remember how I told you guys a few weeks ago that I had a really hard time reading and finishing a Nicholas Sparks book?

Well, boy am I eating my words.

Last night, I put Noah to bed at 8pm, as always and when I left his room, I stopped by my bookcases in my living room and I was pondering, trying to decide what I wanted to start reading, since I had just finished the James Patterson book. Well, I knew I wanted something completely different than what I had just read and my eyes landed on this one... Nights in Rodanthe.

I was hesitant, because I didn't want to be bored and for some reason, in the past, what I've read of his bored the crap outta me. I think it was the book, "A Bend in the Road" that gave me that impression of his books. I could not finish that book. I read probably half of it and I would find myself reading, but thinking about what I was missing on tv or something random like that. I love the movies that his books are made into, the books just left a lot to be desired for me... in the past.

Well, no more, my friends. I sat down with this book last night at 8pm and I finished it a few hours later. I'm sure a lot of you have either already read this or seen the movie, but this wonderful little book has been hanging out on my shelves for the past... I don't know... 4 or 5 years and I can't believe I let it sit there that long.

This book reminded me so much of "Bridges of Madison County" and well, when I went to see that movie with my mom when I was in high school, I cried my head off. I started crying in the theater, cried all the way home, and cried myself to sleep.

And this book was the same way. I cried so hard and so much, I had tissues piled beside me on my bed and my eyes are still swollen.

Now I'm wondering, is the movie that good? I know the movies never live up to the books, but was it a good one? Is it worth seeing?


  1. as usual, the movie was good, but a little different from the book; our DVD kept skipping and so I don't remember if we ever finished the entire movie. the book, though, finished and LOVED!!! :) I am reading The Rescue by him now:)

  2. The movie was pretty good. My favorite Sparks book is Message in a Bottle. I think it's because it is the first one I ever read. I sobbed through the whole ending of that book.

  3. If it doesn't rain here all day today, I think I"m going to try to escape to the video store. I really, really want to watch the movie now!

  4. i love the actors in that movie... wish I could be that hot at her age;)

  5. Oh for heaven's sake, I watched the movie tonight and probably because I just read the book last night, I was SUPREMELY disappointed by this movie. Why MUST they always butcher the book? Why? Why? They change things that are of absolutely no consequence, but it bugs me, because I know what the book said! Anyway, I probably would have loved the movie had I not loved the book so much, or had I not read the book at all. So, there, that was my take on the movie.


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