Sunday, July 25, 2010


Okay, this blog is for anyone who's read James Patterson's Where the Wind Blows and has at least started the Maximum Ride Series.

Tempie, you're the only one I know for sure has read these, so at this point, I'm asking YOU....

I THOUGHT the Maximum Ride books were about Max and the rest of the kids from THE SCHOOL. Icarus... Matthew... Wendy... Peter...

Am I wrong?

I'm so confused, because I started the first Maximum Ride book last night and there's a character named Max, but the others all have different names. Also, are Kit and Frannie menitoned in these books?

I'm so disappointed. I don't know if I'll be able to read these if they're not the same characters.


  1. OK, Candace, this is a little off subject, BUT tell me....can I read The Lake House and make sense of it if I haven't read Where the Wind Blows? I have had The Lake House a while (I inherited it...LOL, and have been hoarding it for Summer reading) and really WANT to read it but I am SO not into fantasy:( so I'm not really interested in reading Where the Wind Blows unless I have to (hee hee). Hope you are doing well!!!

  2. Technically they are not the same characters. I think in the begining of the Maximum Ride book there is a prologue that Dean Koontz states that yes there was a character named Max in both books but it's not really a continuation from the When the Wind Blows books. It's very confusing I know but it is pretty much the same character even though he says it isn't.

  3. hmmm...nevermind, Candace, that was a dumb question. I just cracked open The Lake House and it looks like I will need to read Where the Wind Blows; DUH! Ha! Sometimes I don't think before I type (or speak!)

  4. Ha! Sorry, Heather, yeah, I'd definitely think you need to read When the Wind Blows first. It's not too fantasy, though, the only thing that's fantasy at all is that the kids in the story were manufactured to have wings. It's really, really good. I think you would like it.

    And Tempie, I don't think I'm going to read them now! I wonder why he did that!?!? It would've been so much better to just continue on with the same characters!

  5. I have read the fist two and honestly they are just okay. I don't know if because it's a YA book but the books don't really seem to have much of a storyline. I will keep reading them just so I can say I have read it but it's not something I would go out and recommend to others.


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