Tuesday, July 27, 2010


WOW, What a slacker I am!

I've been meaning to post this since yesterday morning and one thing or another kept side-tracking my brain.

Please, oh PLEASE, everyone VOTE!!!

Tempie and I are the only ones who suggested books this month, so everyone, just vote for your top three that you'd like to read! :)

Tomorrow midnight if you possibly can!

Thanks everyone! :)


  1. Heather already voted in the suggestions blog.

    I'm voting for Erica, she's on vacation, she wanted "ONE DAY"

    My votes are...
    1. The Island
    2. The Juliet one.... crap, can't remember the exact name of it...
    3. Promises to Keep

  2. 1. The Island
    2. One Day
    3. Juliet Naked


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