Sunday, April 11, 2010

Catching Fire to Friday Night Knitting Club

I just finished the second book in "The Hunger Games" series last night, "Catching Fire". These books are soooooo amazing, I'm going to go nuts waiting for the next book to come out.... I think it comes out in July.

Anyway, so I just finished it last night and I read the first few pages of FNKC before I went to sleep and oh gosh.... it's soooooo boring after reading 'The Hunger Games' and 'Catching Fire'. Have any of you gotten very far in it yet? Please tell me what you think of it! I think Heather and Alynn are reading it or have read it, not sure about the rest of you guys. But if you are or have read it, PLEASE tell me if it's worth going on or not! I'm thinking it's just so boring to me because the last two books I read were anything but, there was never a boring moment to be had.



  1. I didn't want to say anything earlier because I didn't want to discourage anyone, but I tried reading this book about a year ago and couldn't finish it. I was pretty far into it too and just ended up putting it down. But if others liked it, maybe it will start to pick up for you. I hate telling people they shouldn't read a book. I know a lot of people did like it because it was a best-seller for so long but it just wasn't for me.

    On the other hand...I'm going to have to check out these "Hunger Games" books...

  2. Erica, you should DEFINITELY read these books, I can't imagine anyone not loving them. They're amazing!

    And I hate to skip out on another group read! At least both the books I haven't liked are ones that I suggested! ha! I'll probably read a bit more to see if it gets any better for me.

  3. Talk about two totally different books! I can see why you're bored! I finished FNKC, but it took awhile. It just meanders along, adding characters and building on their stories. Get out your tissues, the ending was sad!

    I started reading the Sugar Queen after I finished that one and I like it a lot better so far. It's a little quirky, and looks to be a fast read!

  4. I am about 60 pages in and like, but don't love, it. I need a GREAT book to take with me to Denver this week...taking a trip with hubby sans kids and will have much downtime (:D). Any suggestions? :)

  5. I finished the book a week or so ago. For me, it was just ok. Interesting at parts but overall it reminded me of a cheesy hallmark movie.

  6. I just started this on Friday and I am going to go against the group on this one and say I like it so far. I'm only on page 61 so I will let you guys know if my opinion changes by the end of the book.

  7. I finished FNKC yesterday. I can honestly say it wasn't bad. The book kept my attention the whole time and the ending was pretty sad. It definitely didn't make my Top 10 list but it wasn't bad.

  8. Finished FNKC last night. Cute... but way sad at the end.
    I have to agree with Brittney- it does have a cheesy Hallmark movie feel to it! haha


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