Saturday, April 3, 2010

Shanghai Girls

I loved this one! I learned so much about the effects of WWII on the Chinese who came to America before, during, or after the war. This book centered around two sisters who were pretty well off before the war started, but whose father lost everything, including selling the two of them off as brides to men they had never met. As the Japanese start to invade China, the two sisters try and escape to America. They experience horrific trauma and eventually make their way to L.A. but are help in customs for months before they are allowed to meet up with their new family (their "husbands" lived in America already).

Their life in America is not what they hoped for and life with their new family is hard. As China becomes a communist country, all Chinese-Americans are suspected to be communists and the American government interrogates everyone. Even years after the war is over, they are all still walking on egg shells as they try and make their life in America. They are also torn between their Chinese heritage and the American way of life.

I highly suggest this one! You'll learn a lot and it's a great read, although I'll warn you...the ending is a little abrupt.

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  1. This has been on my wish list for a while, I hope to get it soon, it sounds awesome!!!


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