Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Lovin this book!

Is anyone else reading 'Breaking the Silence' right now?

If you aren't and you haven't, you should!

It's so good!

I can't hardly put it down when I pick it up.

The story kind of reminds me of a Jodi Picoult book, in that there's a little bit of mystery about what's going on with the characters and the storyline is dealing with real issues.

I am about 100 pages in and the more I read, the more I love it!

Tempie, you're the only one I know has read it, so I'm kind of directing this thought towards you... Others... if you haven't read it, stop reading here. :)

I'm so anxious to find out where Sarah fits into everything. Because of her nursing field that she was working in, I'm thinking she may have some connection to Ray. I don't want to write much more, because I don't want to be a spoiler for others, but I'm really anxious to see where this is going. Also, Dylan... can't wait to see what happens with him. I feel so much sorrow for Emma. I can't imagine my Emma having to deal with what that sweet little girl is having to go through.


  1. That is what I loved about the book it kept me guessing the whole time how this person is connected to that person. My only complaint was how Dylan fit into the story, it just all seemed too easy.

  2. Tempie... I just ordered a bunch of your books off PBS!!! I didn't realize there were that many Dean Koontz books that I hadn't read, because I LOVE him!!! Hope you have a big box! ha! ;)

  3. I saw one of the requests before I saw this e-mail and I thought it was strange someone requested one because I have been trying to keep track of what number my books are in the system (I know I am a big nerd) :) and the first one I saw is like #100 on the list. I will pack these up and they will either go out tomorrow or Thursday.

  4. Tempie, don't be in a huge hurry, girl, there's no rush. You know I have 500 unread books already. LOL ;) But how in the WORLD do you see where your books are in the system???? For real!!! Tell me!!!

  5. I got the books boxed up, don't laugh at my box when it gets there. I had to use a Pringle box because my husband cleaned out the garage this weekend and threw out all my Amazon books. :)

  6. Ha! Well, I'll know it's from you and not an accidental delivery from Food Lion when I see it on my doorstep. ;)

    And I'm almost a hundred pages farther into 'BTS' now and I have to tell you, my favorite part of the story is the stuff about Sarah. WHO IS SENDING THE ANONYMOUS LETTERS?!?!!? It's killing me... don't answer that question, btw.. ;)

  7. Oh, and at the moment, I'm thinking it's Ray's brother sending the letters, but I'm usually wrong, because usually I go with the obvious choice. ;)


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