Thursday, March 11, 2010

My Hiatus

I think it's a combination of the fact that I read 23 books in January and February and that I'm getting stacks of books each week from PBS, but I have seem to have dropped my reading ball these last 10 days.

I've tried to read Olive and I CANNOT get into it for the life of me, so I've given that one up. I'm planning to start something else... who knows what... today.

I have SO MANY BOOKS from PBS. Oh gosh, it's really a little overwhelming. I just have stacks of them sitting all over my house. Basically, everytime I've seen a book that has looked at all interesting to me over the years that I haven't bought, I've ordered it. I just have so many credits on there that I keep ordering.... and ordering... and ordering...

So all these unread books sitting around my house has intimidated me a little. :)


  1. I'm sorry the reading bug has temporarily left your house. I hate when that happens to me. You should put all your unread books away somewhere (I have one book shelf designated for those) and when you are ready to read something just select something from there, it's sort of like your own book store. I have about 90 books on mine that need to be read and I know I won't get to all of them anytime soon but someday I will.

    As far as Olive goes, I didn't really get into either but I feel like maybe I am a better person for reading it because it is a Pulitzer Prize book (I know that sounds crazy but it makes me think I am little more cultured now). :)

    Anyway, I have missed reading your book blogs but give yourself a few days off and then pick a book that you have been dying to read and then I'm sure you will be back on that reading horse soon. :)

  2. awww:( Candace, I think you've had too much going on and I CANNOT imagine reading that many books in that amount of time! ;D ha ha, I'm jealous! and Tempie, I am actually shocked to say that I really do like the BOOK, but totally know what you mean about Olive. On some level I feel like I can relate and feel for her, though. I am about 75% through and the only complaint I have is the short story format. I love learning the characters, and then, POOF!; they're gone! :( This book so far actually inspires me to appreciate the people I love more and the mundane things in life....because life is short and can change in an instant.


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