Friday, March 19, 2010

My Suggestion for April

Okay I also don't know how to do the whole link thing to pictures so I guess you will have to search for this one. Candace, I know you said non-serious but I looked at my bookshelf and I didn't see anything there.....I wonder does that make me a dark, moody person. :)

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  1. Ha!! No, you're not a dark moody person, silly!! :) I only said that because I realized all our books have been pretty serious selections and I know not everyone likes those kinds of books... anyway, I've never seen or heard of this one, so I'm gonna go look it up. When 5pm rolls around today, I'll assume everyone who's going to suggest has suggested and I'll do a post with links to all the titles. :) Y'all are so silly.

    If you'd like to know how to do the links, here's how... The compose box, where you write the blog, there's that bar at the top and there's one icon up there that looks like a great ball with some kind of arrow things around the top (?) anyway... if you run your mouse over it, the word "link" will pop up... okay, so to do a link... you type whatever you want to be able to click on to go to a certain page, then you highlight it... after you highlight it, you go and click that "Link" icon. Then you go to amazon or b&n and the page that you want to link to, you put the address in the bar of that page in the address bar from the link icon. Click ok and you've made a link! :) Hope that wasn't too confusing...


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