Friday, March 19, 2010

Think Twice

I'm readddiiinnnnggg again!!!! ;)

Okay, so after resting my brain for about two weeks (give or take a few days), I am again immersed in an excellent book.

This one would have been really cool to read together, because it's so dynamic. Great characters and tons of things going on that would be so much fun to talk about!

And I'm NOT done with this one yet, but I'm so into it that I wanted to come and do a post on it, because I feel like I haven't posted on here in FOR-EVER!

I've ordered 'Breaking the Silence' from Amazon, because I could not find it anywhere. It's taking it's sweet time getting here... which is annoying, but hopefully it will be here by the time I finish this one.

On a side note.. I don't know if any of you guys have read much of Lisa Scottoline, but if you like James Patterson, you would really like her. She writes in short chapters (which you know I LOVE) and the books are fast paced. You definitely do not get bored reading her books.

Now tell me what you're reading!!! I feel so out of the loop. The only one of you guys that I know what is going on with is Tempie. And Tempie, are you done with BTS yet?


  1. Welcome back! I feel like I've been reading up a storm but I'm sure i'll need a break soon. I think my eyes are a bit tired tonight so I'll probably veg on some tv :) I need to put a review up of "The Little Giant of Aberdeen County". Really good! I'm reading "Shanghai Girls" right now and that's going really well too. Funny thing about "Breaking the Silence"...I requested it way back in Feb from my library. It came in pretty quick and I had it sitting around. It was pretty old and tattered looking and I was reading the back and tried to start it and couldn't. Anyway, I think I got the WRONG book! After I returned it and read everyone's comments about how they were having a hard time finding it, I realized my mistake. Needless to say, our library doesn't have this one so I didn't get around to reading it.

  2. Erica, I think I had read SO MUCH during Jan and Feb that I had to find something really excellent to bring me outta my funk and this was it! :)

    I have Shanghai Girls on my wish list at PBS. It'll prob be a while before I get it though, as I am one of hundreds wishing for it. :) I've never heard of the other one you mentioned, though, so I'll have to look it up! Please do review it, I'd love to hear what you have to say about it! :)

  3. No I haven't finished BTS yet. It has nothing to do with the book. I actually only have about 60 pages left and I am dying to know how it ends but between the nice weather and the basketball tournament I have had no time for reading. I haven't even been able to read in my car while waiting for my son to get outside of school because a friend & I have been walking to pick the kids up.

    Erica in my copy of the book it has a copyright of 1999 and a revised copyright of 2009. Yeah my library didn't have any copies of this book.

  4. Okay, I finished this one and it was SOOOO good!!! Her writing is so similar to James Patterson, but her stories have more depth. If you love a great mystery/suspense, you should give this one a shot!


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