Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Painted House

This is a story of a 7 year old boy named Luke growing up on a cotton farm in Arkansas in 1952. It basically takes place during the cotton harvest time and the story tells of Luke's interactions with his family, the "hill people" and the Mexicans who help harvest the cotton. Poor Luke is a witness to a murder and is threatened by one of the "hill people" to keep the secret of what he saw.

This book was okay. It's only a little under 300 pages but it took me about 5 days to read it so it was definitely dragging. The other thing is the main character is only 7 and about halfway through the book I realized he is only a year older than my son. I couldn't in my wildest dreams imagine my son going through and witnessing some of the things this little boy did. Overall the though the story was good and I believe it was inspired by Grisham's own childhood in Arkansas.

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  1. This sounds really good, but lord, I hate books that drag!!!


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