Sunday, August 29, 2010


This ties in with my comment I just made on Tempie's post about Skeletons at the Feast.

I have been so intrigued with the horrible tragedy at Columbine High School since it happened during my Freshman year at ECU. I'm the kind of LAME person who will sit and watch hours upon hours upon hours of coverage of anything LIKE this on the news and on documentary channels and cry my eyes out thinking of those poor kids and most of all their destroyed PARENTS. OH my gosh. So, when I went to Barnes and Noble a few weeks ago to get one of our monthly reads and I saw THIS book, I grabbed it. I didn't know if I would get to it anytime soon, but I knew I had to have it.

Well, ever since then, this book has been staring at me from the bookcase shelf right beside my bedroom door, so last night, when I finished The Island, I picked this up and I've been completely engrossed in it ever since.

This author's writing is so compelling and he really tells the story of what happened and all involved in a very objective way. I"m loving this book.


  1. Have you ever read The Hour I First Believed by Wally Lamb? The interesting thing about the book is he writes a fiction book within the Columbine tragedy. He used actual facts and names in the fiction he was writing. I am not recommending the book though because it was 752 pages and seemed to jump all over the place. The Columbine stuff was only in maybe the first 1/3 of the book. After reading this one I decided I am not a Wally Lamb fan (the first book I read was She's Come Undone).

  2. I haven't read that one! But I'll take your word if you say it's not great. The main reason I'm so enthralled with this book is because this is a very factual account of what happened both before, during, and after Columbine. This guy has spent like 10 years researching and compiling information and he states at the beginning that absolutely none of the dialog is made up nor any of the events. Its' really so good, I can't quit reading it. I just started last night at 11:30 and I'm already halfway through it.

    I did read "I Know This Much Is True" and "She's Come Undone" by Wally Lamb. I read both of those in college and really can't remember them at all anymore, but they're both still sitting on my shelf. ;)

  3. I did read "I know this much is true" and didn't like it either. I have liked his books in the past, I just couldn't get into that one even though I was more than halfway thru it. The first part had me, but then it started to get weird.

    I just put this book on hold at the library. Sounds good, candace!

  4. If you havent you should read Jodi Picoults Nineteen Minutes, especially being a former teacher. It was the kind of book that I would have to read and then put down for a little while so my mind could absorb it! Great book!

  5. Traci, I HAVE read Nineteen Minutes. It was AMAZING. It was actually the first book of hers that I read and then after reading that one, I read like 8 of her other books right in a row. I love her writing. Have you read this one? I'm still reading it. I'm learning so much and it's just mind blowing to me how it all played out.

  6. Candace, I am reading this and LOVING IT!! It's so good, I hate to put it down. I'm 125 pages in and I hope it keeps up the good pace, because I'm enjoying it. My heart is breaking listening to all the stories and the author is doing such a great job describing everything. I literally teared up when he described the principal getting up to address the students and parents right after at the church and they all stood up and cheered him on and he broke down. And it takes quite a bit to make me tear up in a book!

    Oh, and I keep wanting to go and look up footage on youtube from that day. Not sure if that is weird or not. I'm at least going to pull up some of the pics. I can still remember some of them from 11 years ago.

    Thanks for the great suggestion!

  7. Yay! And that does not make you weird. I was constantly you tubing the whole time I was reading that. I listened to interviews and everything I could find that seemed real and not "conspiritorial". I really don't like conspiracy theorists. I hope you guys aren't, if you are, I"m sorry. ;)


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