Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sept Suggestions

I went to the library yesterday and started grabbing. Here's what I walked away with. I really don't know much and haven't heard anything about any of these so they are all a shot in the dark :-)

The first one is by the author of "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants but from what I can tell this one isn't a young adult novel.


  1. HA!!! Am I out of the loop or what????? Can you tell I've been on vacation?!?!? I just scrolled down and saw there were already sept books. Well, if I don't get around to reading these in the next couple of weeks, I will suggest them again for Oct. Good grief, I need to get back in the now :-)

  2. Great book suggestions. If these don't eventually get picked I will definitely be reading them on my own.

  3. OH gosh, you guys are KILLING me!!! Ok... I have The Scent of Rain and Lightning. My mom gave me that one, she read it a few months ago and loved it! And "My Name is Memory".... I suggested that one a few months back, because I had been at TArget and seen it!

    ERica, did you finish ONE DAY?

    And I'm about halfway through THE ISLAND and I love it! Tempie, which character was it that you didn't care for? I'm just curious. ;)

  4. Candace, it was the aunt, I believe her name was India. The parts about her history with her husband were interesting but I couldn't wait to get through the parts of what happened between her and the student. It just didn't interest me.


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