Monday, August 30, 2010

My Name is Memory

This was a good one :-) It read fast and the plot was pretty interesting. It focuses on the idea that souls live many lives (well, most of the time) and are reincarnated in other bodies. Most souls don't remember previous lives but certain dreams, fears, happy feelings keep showing up in the soul's new lives. However, a very small fraction of the population are souls who remember past lives. Daniel is one of these people who has "the memory". He has fallen in love with the same woman's soul over the past two thousand years. In some lives he finds her but they are at different stages of their lives (i.e. he is a child, she is old). He is able to recognize her, she has no clue. Finally they are at the same age and he has found her, but convincing her is another story altogether.

I think this is supposed to eventually be a trilogy. I would definitely recommend and I also plan on reading the remaining books.

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