Friday, September 3, 2010

Sept Books...

Hey Girls!! Hope the beginning of Sept finds you all well and ready for a new season...I sure am :-) Wasn't sure if there was an order to the books for Sept already set, but I just picked up "Juliet Naked" from the library and was wondering if I should start it or hold off? I know it's the holdiay weekend and you may all be busy, so no rush on getting on it. Just wanted to write this up while I was thinking of it. I probably wouldn't get it started until next week anyway. Have a great weekend!!!


  1. Sorry Erica, I saw this on my blackberry last night and then I forgot to respond this morning! :)

    I'm still on the wait list for Juliet Naked, so I'm going to read the other one first. I just finished Columbine last night, so I'll probably start Promises to Keep tonight. :)

  2. I actually was able to get both books from the library so I can start with either one. I have about 60 pages left in the book I am reading now so I should be done with it by tomorrow.

  3. Okay ladies I am going to start Promises to Keep. Both books are due back Sept. 15th and I know I won't have both done by then because I also have to read my book for my other club. Anyway, getting back to my point :).....Promises to Keep has a waiting list but Juliet Naked doesn't so I will be able to renew it.


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