Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I'm so excited, I'm practically bouncing up and down in my seat! :):):)

We have FIFTEEN BOOKS to choose from!

Thank you SOOOOO MUCH for suggesting so many awesome new and old books. I truly cannot wait to see what we end up with!

Since we have so many to choose from, I think we should vote for our top FIVE BOOKS.

And it just took me FOR-EVER to link all those book titles to this post, so PLEASE take 5 minutes and click on the titles and read about them to help you pick your 5 FAVORITES.

Then the top FOUR will be our books for the months of October and November.


It's so much more fun if we have LOTS of participation and I really want us to have books chosen that we ALL want to read! :)

Voting ends FRIDAY AT 8PM.



  1. I seriously want to read ALL of these books! I've already read four of them, so I'm not going to vote for those, but here are my top five. This is so HARD!!!

    1. Still Missing
    2. A Soft Place to Land
    3. A Lesson Before Dying
    4. Room
    5. I'd Know You Anywhere

  2. Wow, this was really hard.

    1. Fragile
    2. Still Missing
    3. A Lesson Before Dying
    4. Joy School
    5. Second Time Around

  3. Thanks for doing all that Candace!!
    1. All the Pretty Horses
    2. A Lesson Before Dying
    3. Room
    4. I'd Know you Anywhere
    5. Second Time Around

  4. Thanks so much for voting, girls!

    It would be so awesome if a few more of us could vote, because if not, we're going to have to vote again because several books have the same amount of votes! Please take a minute to come vote those of you who haven't yet! :)

  5. OMG It's just sooo so many good ones!! =>
    Thanks for putting them all together like this!!
    You are just AWESOME!!

    ok ok ok...

    1.Second Time Around
    2.A Map of the World
    3.If You Want Me To Stay
    4.I'd Know You Anywhere
    6.A Soft Place to Land
    7.Still Missing

    ok I'm no good..I'll stop there before I end up renaming the whole


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