Friday, September 17, 2010



One thing is for sure, we all want to read different things! Ha! ;)

The only one that didn't get the same number of votes as the rest of the books was "A Soft Place to Land", so that one was the only one eliminated.

No more voting, I don't think it's necessary (feel free to object).

I guess we'll just have these as our books for the rest of the year. I know with the holidays coming we may not have as much time, but we can still try! :)


I'd Know You Anywhere
Still Missing


A Lesson Before Dying


Second Time Around

I also want to come up with some way to make us all more involved in these books and with having active discussions on here about the books.

I'm thinking of making a facebook page under my account. When you do a page, such as the one I have for my business, there is actually a discussions tab on there and plus, we can kind of post on there when we're starting or finishing without having to come do a complete post. What do you think?

I also, though, would really like to have topics of discussion for the books we read. I know a lot of novels have book club readers guides in the back of them and that would be a great resource for us to use, but I'm not sure how to do it. The only way it would seem possible is if we all really make an effort to be reading each book at the same time and I know that's not always practical.

Please let me know your thoughts and opinions! :)


  1. Sounds fabulous!!

    What about this suggestion... What if we each became a "leader" or "discussion starter" for one of the books over the next couple of months? Since we know the books far in advance (yay!) we can all try our best to have them at the appointed reading time. I'm thinking we should all start the first book on the first of the month and the second on the 15th. Of course, we'll all have different schedules that allow us to read at different speeds, but that will hopefully give us a two week time period to read/discuss and then prepare for the next book. And as we get closer to nov we can start to think about new books that we want to suggest for jan/feb so that we stay ahead enough to get the books in time.

    About the leader/discussion starter role, I'm thinking that if we each selected a book, we could try and facilitate dicussions by posing questions, starting comment strands, etc. Others can of couse add questions that they are interested in talking about, but the leader would be in place to guarentee some sort of discussion thread. Think of it as a "homework assignment" :-)

    And I think if a book has a book club section, some great discussion topics can be pulled from there too!!

    I hope that all makes sense...

  2. I like Erica's idea with picking the books a little farther out in advance. That ways it gives us a chance to either wait for them on PBS or try to get them from the library. Also, check out this link:

    It is to one of the online B&N bookclubs. It might help give us an idea of how to proceed with discussions from here. Also you could try have the discussion on the Yahoo Group page. It is set up as a message board so the discussion may be easier to do and find. Just my two cents. :) Candace, I just want to thank you for organizing this group. You are doing a great job!!! :)

  3. Also, I believe in Yahoo Groups you can set up polls so it would make voting for our books easier.

  4. Oh girls, thank you sooooo much for the suggestions.

    I think all of these ideas are AWESOME!! The only reason I thought creating a group on Facebook would be a good option is because we (and everyone else on the planet) are already on there, so it wouldn't be a stretch to join another site. I'm going to check out the barnes and noble book club link and the yahoo groups also, though, so we'll do whatever works best for us! ;)

    I LOVE the idea of having a leader for each book to be responsible for posting discussion questions. And also about starting on the 1st and the 15th. I wish there were more really active members, because a lot of times, it seems like it's just us three and Heather and Sara. So, if either of you have friends that you think might would like to join, please invite them, the more the merrier! ;)

    OH! I also think choosing books further out is great to give us more time to prepare.

    We've got the ones for the rest of this year. Do you think voting in November will be good for January/February? Maybe always try to stay two months ahead?

    I know I'm the one who moderates this page, but I really, really want your advice and ideas anytime you ever think of anything to make things better, because I am NOT an expert at this book club thing. :)

    I am glad you guys haven't given up on this one and dropped out, I really do want it to be great and lots of fun for us! ;)

  5. Okay, I went ahead and created the Facebook page AFTER I looked over at the B&N site for Book clubs and also I actually created a group on the Yahoo Groups site for us, but BOTH of them seemed kind of complicated to me. LOL

    I know it's probably just because I was unfamiliar with them, but I thought we'd try the Facebook group first just to see how that works out and to see if it's a little easier for us to communicate and stuff. I figured we're all on there everyday anyway, so maybe just clicking the groups button and just being able to easily discuss things right on the same site we're on daily would be easier at least at first than learning to navigate a brand new site.

    Please let me know your thoughts on this.

    And Tempie, my phone just buzzed and I saw that you posted the group link on your fb page. Thank you so much, that's awesome!! All of you girls do that if you'd like, maybe we'll get some more active members that way!! :)

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  7. ok I was reading back over this to see what books I needed to get and I noticed that the book that had received the most votes didn't make it to our list...

    I'd Know You Anywhere by Laura Lippman

    did we over look that or did I miss something??


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