Monday, September 13, 2010

Map of the World

Map of the World by Jane Hamilton (Again the images and links are giving me fits...)

This was another one of those "old books" that I wanted to check out and I'm glad I did this one. Not one of my favorites, but the author is definately a good storyteller. It's about a part time school nurse/mom who lives on a farm in the middle of suburbia with her farmer husband and two little girls. Tragically, one of her best friends' daughters drowns in the pond on their property and as she is trying to grieve and make sense of the little girl's death, she is accused of sexually assulting a local elementary student who comes from a troubled home. Charges are brought up against her and the story bounces between her perspective and her husband's perspective. The author does a great job as a storyteller and it really hits home about appreciating what may seem like the simple or mundane things in our own lives. Don't ever take them for granted :-)

Has anyone every read her other book "The Book of Ruth"? This is supposed to be a pretty decent one too. I may try that out.

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  1. I've read "Map of the World", I have not read The Book of Ruth. These older books are from the days when I had tons of time to read, so you're gonna be hard pressed to find Oprah's Book Club books from the late nineties I haven't read. Ha! ;)


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