Monday, September 6, 2010

Promises to Keep

I started this yesterday and I am really loving it. I have never read anything by Jane Green before but from the very first page I was sucked into the book. Her writing style is so easy to read and it keeps you wanting to read the next chapter. I also like how at the end of each chapter is a different recipe.


  1. Must be good because I am on a serious wait list for it... Hopefully I will get it soon. Let me know if you like it when you're finished :-)

  2. I finished this one yesterday afternoon and can I just say I LOVED IT, LOVED IT, LOVED IT!!! It's funny but out of the 4 books we had picked this is the one that I was the least looking forward to and so far it has been my favorite of the 3 I have read. I have ordered some more Jane Green novels because I enjoy her style of writing.

  3. I'm really enjoying it too, Tempie. I'm only about half way through it, but I look forward to reading it everyday, I just wish I had more reading time! ;)

    Some of my favorite Jane Green books are The Beach House, Jemima J, and Babyville. I absolutely LOVED all three of those! :)

  4. I just finished this book a few minutes ago-
    I'll admit.
    I cried a little.
    IT was so sweet, such a tender story.
    This was my first Jane Green book too. I really love her writing style as well.

  5. I finished! I'll have to admit, I was not really looking forward to reading it only from glancing at the pages beforehand. I have an annoying habit (which probably turns me off from what could be really GREAT books) of flipping through the pages before I decide on a book. If it has too much dialogue on the pages, I usually put it down because I don't think it will be worth it. I'm much more of a "descriptive book" type person (does that even make sense????) and I'm really against books that are predictable. I figured this would be one of those. I was kind of right, and a little surprised.

    While the predictability part was there (I had pretty much pegged Steffi and Mason getting together, something bad happening to Callie's "perfect" life and then dying once breast cancer was mentioned at her bday party, and the mom and dad reuniting somehow), I was pleasantly surprised with the flow of the book. At times I did find it a bit cheesy but it definitely held my interest and I actually read through it really fast, looking forward to the outcome.

    I'm glad I read it, there were some touching scenes and I then proceeded to have nightmares about family members it must have struck a chord somewhere!! I probably wouldn't choose another book by her again, but I'm glad I tried this one out. That's the benefits of being in a great book club!! oh, and the recipes looked awesome!! I may copy some down before I return the book...yummy!

  6. Erica, you are sooooooo funny! I love books like this one, because my favorite thing to get out of a book is a good lesson. I love reading books that make me want to be better or just touch my soul like this one does. I don't mind so much if they're predictable and you TOTALLY cracked me UP with saying that you flip through to see how much dialog there is!!! Haha!

    You guys are great and I'm so glad we read together, because I think one of the best things is getting to read things I might not have otherwise ever thought to pick up on my own! :)

    Case in point ::: The Art of Racing in the Rain!!! I would have NEVER in a MILLION YEARS picked that book up with a title like that!!! However, I am SO GLAD I read that book. I cried and I loved every word of that book. It coated me with a kind of compassion and love that only my very very favorite books can do. :)

    Anyway, that was a tangent, sorry.

    Also, I want to add that I hope we won't give up this blog now that we're also on Facebook, because I really love reading about what we read on our own also. I know sometimes we get too busy to post those, but I really LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing what each of you is reading, because.... you might just be reading something remarkable that I would've never touched!!! :)

    Love you girls!! :)


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