Friday, September 17, 2010

Promises To Keep

I read this in 3 days, which is almost a record for me! I am so easily distracted! ;( I LOVED, LOVED it. It was my 4th Jane Green book, and I plan to read all of hers that I can (and/or ones Candace recommends, lol). It was a library book (I was 1st to check it out! :D) and I passed it on to my sister-in-law to enjoy before I turn it back in. Such a touching book. Really illustrates to appreciate the mundane things in life, to treasure the simple be present in every moment.


  1. I so agree with this. This book was such an eye opener and so, so emotional for me. I cried so much from the middle to the end of this one, it was worrying Emma to death. She just kept bringing me tissues and asking me if I was okay.

    I just can't imagine for a minute having to leave my babies like Callie did. Some of the most painful parts of the book for me were when the author was describing the love that she had for her kids and one part in particular, I just cried until the pages of the book were wet. When they said that Jack loved his mom so much that they joked that he'd crawl back inside her if he could. Ohhhhhh, I thought I was going to just DIE when I read that. Because I knew at that time that she was going to end up dying before this story ended and just knowing that he loved his mom that much and that soon he was going to have to learn to live without her. OH THE AGONY. I truly went and got Noah out of his bed and brought him to my bed and just laid there snuggling him and crying into his hair.

  2. Ok! I just got this from the "Fortunate Finds" shelf at the library this evening so I'm FINALLY ready to start reading (well, almost...I have to finish Juliet, Naked. But soon!!) I stopped reading when I got to the second paragraph of Candace's comment because I wasn't sure if it contained info :-) Hopefully this weekend I'll be able to contribute to the discussion!


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