Friday, September 17, 2010

Okay, Soooooo.....

Only ONE book got more votes than the rest of the books and that one was.....

I'd Know You Anywhere


Still Missing

A Soft Place to Land

A Lesson Before Dying



Second Time Around

all got the same number of votes.


SO, PLEASE come back before the end of the day and vote for the TWO that you'd like most to read out of those six books. I'm not going to re-link them, because the links are all in the first voting post I did.

PLEASE OH PLEASE do this guys. I thought about just making our next several months worth of books off of this post, but I hate to do that, because that would probably go into next year and I know I'd love to hear more suggestions from you guys before then. This list will be OLD NEWS by December. :)

Thanks girls, you're the best!! :)


  1. Oh, and "I'd Know You Anywhere" is definitely going to be our first book for October since it did get the majority the first time, voting on the other six will just be for the second October book and possibly November, if we have more ties. :)

    My votes for my two faves out of those six are:

    1. Still Missing
    2. Room

  2. So many good books, it is so hard to choose. :)

    My votes are for:

    1. Still Missing
    2. Lesson Before Dying

  3. 1. A Soft Place to Land
    2. Fragile

  4. I'm game for whatever book people vote on. I know that doesn't help much.... lol. :)

  5. Thanks girls!! :)

    I'll give it a couple more hours in case Sara or another member comes by to vote, but I think we've got our four books now for the next two months. :)

  6. ok..
    1. Second Time Around
    2. Fragile


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