Thursday, September 30, 2010

I'd Know You Anywhere

Are you girls all ready to start tomorrow? I know I'm supposed to be leading this one, so I wanted to go ahead and jump on top of it. It would be great if we could all start around the same day! Let me know! Thanks!! :)

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  1. Sorry, I'm just getting back to you. My brother's first baby was born last night and the girls and I ran to the hospital first thing this morning to meet her and snuggle with her!!! So excited, because his wife and him just moved close to me (just down the road in Quantico) and this is the first time I have lived close to family in over 6 years!!! So happy to be able to see this baby grow!

    Anyway, I probably won't be getting to the book today, but definitly this weekend. I'm exicted to start!

    And, do you think you'll post discussions on here, or just use the facebook forum. Can't wait!


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