Saturday, August 14, 2010


Okay, I am about to finish this one. It has turned out to be so awesome! I think I had a hard time getting into it at first because of the British English. Seriously. I had to get used to it, but once I got into the swing of the author's writing and the... British English, the story is excellent!

I don't know if any of you have started it yet, but this is the gist of it....

Dexter and Emma meet each other on July 15th 1988 and this is the beginning of their amazing, tumultuous, etc.... relationship. Every chapter takes place on July 15 and each chapter is one year later than the one before it.

The book is very bittersweet and I've heard some say that they think these two just love being miserable, but towards the end, it's all worth it. Until tragedy. But I don't want to ruin it for you.

This author has an awesome sense of humor and you'll find yourself thinking in British... at least I have... it's probably because it's taken me so long to read it.

Don't be turned off by the fact that it has now taken me two weeks to read this book. The reason it has taken me so long is because I've only been able to read right before I go to sleep at night and by then I'm so exhausted, I'm lucky if I complete a single chapter.

I HOPE each of you reads this. I love Dexter and Emma.... Dex and Em.... Em and Dex.... so much, it's actually really sad that I'm almost through with their story. ;)


  1. Ok, I'm so excited!! I downloaded it the other day and when I started reading, I couldn't stop :-) I LOVE it so far. Although I haven't picked it back up only because I'm still on vacation and we're busy running everywhere. I return home on Monday night so hopefully I will be able to get back into it soon. I'm glad you loved it too, because I think i'm going to love it. But, don't tell me anymore!!!

  2. I started reading this one this week. I am on page 126 (year 1993). I really like the idea of each chapter being the same day each year. I'm really not liking Dexter but since this is a book and most books have a somewhat happy ending I am guessing he straightens himself out and he & Em end up together in the end.

  3. I am reading this book...I swear :-) And I LOVE it! I know that it was any other time of the year I would have finished it in a matter of those days seem to be turning in weeks but I will finish it. A couple of nights ago I read the part where Dexter had wrote the letter while in India and intended to mail it to her, then that girl Heidi took it and now it's still sitting on the bookcase in her study!!! What the crap?!?!? I almost died right there :-) Can't you totally see this being a movie? Didn't it say in that 'People' review that it was going to be one with Anne Hathaway, Candace? I don't really like her too much, but I hope it's still a good film. Never as good as the book, though :-)

  4. Erica, I almost died right there too!!!! Omg. And I HOPE it's going to be a movie! It does seem like I read that, but I can't remember for sure.

  5. They are planning on making it into a movie. It is suppose to be out sometime in the fall of next year. Anne Hathaway has been cast as Emma and Jim Sturgess (he was the guy in 21) as Dex. It is being directed by a female Danish director who directed "An Education" which I haven't seen but is in my Netflix queue, which by the way is a book by Nick Hornby (the guy who wrote Juliet Naked) and who also has a review line on the front of One Day. It is funny how things are connected, :)

  6. I finished this one last night. I am surprised to say I still do not like Dexter. Yes, he had some bad things happen to him and I feel sorry for him but I don't necessarily know that he is a stand up guy. Emma on the other hand I liked from the very beginning. I was cheering her on to get out of the dead end job and I hoped she would find a man that would treat her well. Overall, I liked the book and I enjoyed the author's style of writing. I would definitely read something else by David Nicholls.

  7. FINALLY! I have finished, and my lagging has NOTHING to do with how much I loved this book. Because I thought it was great!! I loved the style of writing, especially how easily it transitioned between characters. I loved the characters, even Dexter, Tempie :-) And I was totally caught off guard with the whole ending...If you haven't read it and don't want the ending spoiled, stop reading here!

    I mean, I knew she was going to die once they started going back and forth with the apologies before her accident, but I didn't see it before than. And it struck a chord, big time! A few weeks ago, one of my old friends from back home lost her husband in a tragic car accident. They were high school sweethearts and had been married for almost 5 yrs. He died at the scene and she wasn't with him. They didn't have any children. From the second I heard the news, I have been devastated and heart broken for her. I too am married to my high school sweetheart and have known him FOREVER. I could not imagine even having to wake up without him in my life. And it can all end so suddenly. And, I know there are plenty of happily married best friends who haven't known each other since childhood and they too would be absolutely devastated if something was to happen to their partner. But having that special bond is so remarkable. You know everything there is to know about that person, their families, their likes and dislikes. They are literally your second half and have experienced almost everything with you. And although Dex and Em weren't childhood friends, their friendship and eventual relationship reminded me of that and I found it all very touching.

    Anyway, loved it and now I'm going to go hug my husband :-)

  8. OH Erica, I felt the exact same way. I actually loved Dexter. I have a thing for tortured souls though and for much of the book he was one. I too loved the writing style and the whole flow of the book. So glad you loved it! :)

  9. Okay I am going to explain my logic behind not liking Dexter. If you haven't read this book yet then please stop reading here....

    First off I think Dexter didn't treat Emma that great but she was so hung on him. When they did finally come together I didn't get a I am so happy that they are together feeling. I guess because he had just been so rude so many times. I kind of felt like he didn't really appreciate Emma until after she died. I also feel sorry for the lady he hooked up with after she died (I can't remember her name) because it seems like it just happened because she just happened to be there and he needed someone. I think he is the kind of guy that can't be by himself. So there is my reason. I still like you guys even if you are Dex lovers. :)

    Erica, so sorry to hear about your friend

  10. I'm so glad to hear we're still in your good graces, Tempie. Ha! :)

    I think I had a soft spot for Dexter, because unfortunately, he reminded me A LOT of a guy that was a huge part of my life in my late teens/early twenties... first love, engaged, almost married....

    Anyway, he was very faulty like Dexter, but you still couldn't help but love him, so I have a soft spot for the tortured soul. It's a fault of mine. ;)


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