Monday, August 16, 2010


This is my book club's current selection for the month. We picked it because the author contacted our group (this is his debut novel) and wanted to come met with us to discuss it. Finny follows the life of a young girl named Delphine "Finny" Short. It starts out with her being 14 and living at home with her parents. Her family is a unique sort and she doesn't quite fit in. She then meets a boy named Earl whose family life is just as strange if not stranger than hers. She falls in love and because of this new found love her parents ship her off to boarding school. There she is roommates with a girl named Judith. Judith seems to have the rich life that Finny would love to have and she can't believe this girl actually wants to be friends with her. Earl and Judith seem to weave in and our of her life in the book and help make her the person she grows up to be. This books seems to be full of "unique" people and I had to wonder are there people out there that really know this many eccentric people. Towards the middle of the book I knew I liked it but it was almost a little too bizarre for me (I don't think that is the right word but I can't think of any other way to describe it). By the end though I loved the characters and the book. If you get a chance to read this I definitely recommend it.

Now the sad part of this post. I am really looking forward to meeting the author, I have had one other chance to have a book club sit down with an author about the book and it is a great experience. My husband is having to go to New Orleans and originally he was leaving the day after my book club meeting and they have now changed it to the day of which means I am going to have to miss this. He is in the Marine Corp and some of you know how the military works, it could change at any minute. I am keeping my fingers crossed that it happens. :)


  1. The author contacted your book club??? What the... Are you in a famous book club or something??? I'm so jealous, can you feel it??? ;)

    I wannnnaaaaa come!!!!

    And the book sounds great. Wish I didn't have like a million unread books in my house, because I'd love to have it!

  2. HA!! HA!! No famous book club here. :) The group was formed on a website called If you ever have to move and have a hard time meeting people you should use this site. They have every kind of group you could imagine on there. Anyway, that is how I found my bookclub. It is also a way for new authors to contact book clubs. The first author we did a meeting with is from this area. I am not sure what the author of Finny's connection to the area is but part of the book was based here in Baltimore.

  3. I've only used meetup for playgroups, but I should be looking for a good book club too! Thanks for the tip, Tempie!!


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