Sunday, August 29, 2010

Skeletons at the Feast

Based on recommendations from you guys I added this book to my wishlist many moons ago and I finally got it a few weeks ago. I started reading it this week and I am sorry to say I could only get to page 78 and I decided I couldn't read anymore. I was so confused about who was who and some of the things that happened were so disturbing. I have 100+ books on my bookshelf to read so I decided to move on. Has anyone else read any of the author's other books? I was just wondering if they were any easier to read.


  1. Okay, I totally understand you quitting this book at this point, Tempie. When I started reading it in February ( I think ) the first 50 pages were torture and it wasn't until about page 100 that I started to really understand everything that was going on and enjoy reading the book. Horrible things happen and are described in gruesome detail. For some reason, this kind of thing makes me want to read more, when it's talking about something that is REAL from history. I love learning about history, which is so strange, because I HATED any and all history classes in school. I thought it was a complete waste of my time and it bored me to absolute death! Thank the LORD for Jay Kellum, who sat behind me in Mr. Price's US History class and would whisper the answers to me when I was called on, because Lord knows I WAS NOT paying attention. I was probably too busy drawing hearts and writing who I currently loved on my notebook.

    Anyway, the book is good and I'm glad I read it, but you are so right. If I tried to read it NOW with the millions of unread books piled around my house, I would have NEVER made it.


  2. I never made it past that point too, but I do need to attempt it again at some point because I REALLY love this author. You should try "Double Blind" by him. Great book! I read another one of his earlier this year too and reviewed it...something "Eve" or "Eden". That too was pretty good.


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