Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Book of the Month?

If you've read Bonnie's introduction, you probably saw at the bottom that she recommended a monthly book selection and we could all read it simultaneously. What do you think? I was already thinking about this, but hadn't worked it out in my mind as to how it would work.

As far as my thoughts go, I was kind of thinking we could work it something like this....

At the first of each new month, EACH person suggest a book they think looks good and then we vote on it to see which books wins for that month. How does that sound? I really want opinions here, so if you think this is too much, let me know! Seriously!!!

Then, by the... let's say.... FIFTH of each month, we each TRY to have the book and be reading...

THEN, as we're reading, we can have discussions about the book. If we think something was remarkable or if we have a question about something... WHATEVER... we could post it on here as a topic and then we could discuss through comments?

What do you think?

Do you have other ideas along these lines that you think would make things work better and run more smoothly?

IF you guys think that's a good idea and IF you're interested in starting that for this month, MY suggestion for this month, would be this book....

I have been seeing this book on the shelves in stores for a while now... I've been thinking it was really PRETTY and it's been intriguing me. However, I'm always a little hesitant to choose a book that I've heard nothing about and by an author I've never read before.

So, the other day, my lovely friend, Alison, who I SO WISH would join our blog, but she has an internet aversion, but who knows, maybe one day, I'll wear her down. *wink* ;)... Anyhoo... she sent me an email telling me that THIS book was A-MAZING!! She said she read it one night for 5 hours straight (which I used to do ALL THE TIME before I had little people calling me Mommy) because she absolutely could not let go of it the story was just that compelling.

So, when Bonnie mentioned that in the previous post, this is the first book that came to my mind. Let me know if you guys would be interested in reading this this month and if YOU have a book that you've been itching to read, you can also feel free to suggest that! :)

Oh, and we'll still be posting about any and everything else we read in the meantime too! Not just the books of the month! :)


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