Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Library Junkie

Hey ladies-

I wasn't sure where to post but I just wanted to comment about all the Barnes and Noble trips. I can't believe how often y'all go. I have to admit, I only buy the self help books because I like to highlight and everything else I go to the library to borrow.

I grew up very poor and so we could never afford to buy books and so I got hooked on the library and still to do this day I get a kick out of reading a book and not paying a dime. If a book is given to me I will donate.

Not sure why I am telling y'all this... just guess I want to encourage everyone to check out your library too. You're saving a tree and a few bucks :-)


  1. Believe it or not, I do agree with you, but this time of year, B&N is clearing out books from last year and a hardback book at $3.99 is a bargain I can't pass up!

  2. Yeah, you can't beat that! I just love the library! It's sad how excited I am when I go there!

    Hope I didn't come off as preachy. Just sharing my love of the library. HA!

  3. No, not at all. My problem with the library here is that it's TINY. We live in a very small town (one stoplight) and our library reflects that. I do take Emma there because she loves it, but they rarely have books that I want to read, because they're always checked out!

    So, I ALWAYS stock up on books this time of year when they're so cheap and the rest of the year, I really don't buy as many.

    I do have to admit, though, that my grandma would take me to the bookstore all the time when I was little and stock me up on books and I have always loved looking at my collection. LOL...

    But, anyway, I admire you and I know I could learn a lesson in frugality (is that a word?) from you and many others! :)

  4. I forget you live in a small town. Guess it's a perk of being in the city. It's crazy... they have every new and old book. I just put in the title and they will place on hold. I can even do it with books that aren't even realeased yet.

  5. That's awesome and I wouldn't even know what to do with myself with a library like that. Breezi has an awesome library, too, in Columbus.

  6. Oh, Leigh, I was going to tell you... my friend, Alison, called me last night and she follows this blog and sees what we're reading and calls me about it. :) She KNOWS Celia Rivenbark, because she lived in Wilmington for years and years and evidently, Celia R. used to write a column for the Wilmington paper and she also held book readings/signings... so she got to know her! She said they email and stuff. I thought it was so crazy! She said she is absolutely hilarious and we should definitely read one of her books, so I'm going to check out the one you recommended, because I've never read one of her books before! Anyway, just wanted to mention that to you since you're the one who recommended her book to us! :)

    Oh, and make sure you review "Time of your Life" (that is the name, right?) when you're done, because I'm dying to know how it is! I'm reading "The Nanny Diaries" right now and I want to know what to read next! Nobody's been reviewing books but me lately! :)

  7. Candace, I read Nanny Diaries a million years ago and LOVED IT! Do you know there is a sequel out right now. I may read it soon.

    I just finished "The Piano Teacher" by Janice Y. K. Lee. It was pretty good. I will review it later today when I get a moment. Off to take my little one to school...

  8. I'm not sure why I don't use the library more often. I have this thing for owning the books I read. I just like to hold on to them for some reason (one of my weird quirks I guess). I'm in there all the time with my son so maybe I should make some kind of resolution to check out one once a month. I do use it with my other book club though. We have a weird way of picking out books so sometimes I know right away it's not going to be a book for me, then I usually end up checking it out.

    Candace, you are the only one putting up reviews because you read too fast. :) I just finished New Moon but I figured I was the last person on earth who hasn't read them yet so I wasn't going to bother. I am reading this other great book though and I can't wait until I am finished with it so I can tell you girls about it. Hopefully by the end of the week. :)

  9. Seriously! I thought I was a fast reader. I check my email and there's a new comment about just finishing this and that book and I have no idea how you're doing it.. AND you have kids!!!

  10. hahaha... Tempie, it's what happens when you have no husband at home, I guess. I put Noah and Emma to be at 8pm every night and most often, I read from then until about midnight. And I also read sporadically during the day. NO LIFE!!! LOL :)

    And yeah, I figured that was why you haven't reviewed Tempie, because you're right.. you probably are the last person on earth to read New Moon!!! ;) JK.. I have a lot of friends around here who haven't read those books. I love em, though!

    OH, and Tempie, I am the same as you... I love looking at my books on my shelves and I don't mind loaning them out.

    I have a story that my J'ville girls can relate with, or at least know the place I'm talking about. In high school, I was really into Danielle Steele, Dean Koontz, Stephen King, and some others, but I read the CRAP outta their books... well, I went to that little used book store that sits across from Courts Plus. Know the one I'm talking about? I'll never forget, I bought a TON of books, because they were SO cheap. I got home, started reading the first one. It was Dean Koontz's "Door to December". I was SO INTO that book and when I was about half-way through it, I turned the page and on that page was SNOT and CLUMPS OF BOOGERS smeared all over the page. I was SO DISGUSTED!!! I almost threw up. Literally. Not only did I NOT read the rest of that book, but I couldn't touch any of the others. All I could think about was the nasty person who must've read that book and held it with nasty hands before me.

    Honestly, that experience really turned me against reading anything that wasn't either brand new or owned by someone I knew and trusted. I am easily traumatized, as you can tell, and that definitely made me funny about the books I read. ;)

    And as if this already wasn't the longest comment ever, I'm just curious... Tempie, how does your other club pick their books? I've been really brainstorming and trying to come up with the best way to do it and I like our voting method. The only thing I was thinking that we may possibly do different is this... Since I picked January's book and Erica picked Feb's book, MAYBE we should take a few months off from suggesting? I don't know, I just want to make sure that everyone gets a book they recommended to be our Book of the Month. I'm obsessed with being fair.. I guess it's because it's what I do all day long with these young-uns of mine. :) Please, though, if anyone has a better way of doing it or an idea, throw it out there, because you might have an awesome idea that I would've never thought of! :)

  11. I wish I had more time to read. Not only am I a book addict but I'm also a TV addict so my free time is split between the two and I agree if my husband wasn't here I would probably get a lot more reading done. I like to read at night in bed before I go to sleep but normally my hubby is in bed before me and reading on the couch and then going upstairs to sleep is soooo not the same thing. :)

    HA!! HA!! I think the snot would have turned me off against the used books also. :) I totally feel the same way, you never know what kind of dirty hands were touching the book before you. I do buy "used" books from Amazon but they have to be in the new or like new condition. I love that you can get a book for $0.99 plus S/H.

    Counting this group I am currently in 3 bookclubs...my husband calls me a nerd. :) Anyway, the one I was talking about is everyone writes down a book you have never read but are interested in reading on a slip of paper. Then basically they all get added to pile and someone draws the next book. The organizer does it this way because she feels like if we vote on our books someone's feelings might get hurt. I really hate this way because some months we get these books that no one else in the group is really interested in. I guess the good thing about it is makes me read things I normally wouldn't read. The other club does the same way as this one does. Everyone that wants to suggests a book and then whoever wants to can vote on it. When I was in NC I was in a club where a different member was resposible for the book selection for each month. If it was your month you would suggest 3-4 books and then we voted on what we wanted to read. Of all the different ways I have done it I like your current way the best. I would rather have a club read my book because they wanted to not because it was kind of forced upon them, that's just my opinion though.

  12. I love our library so much!

    I agree... we get most of our books there.. but there are always those books which you want to enjoy again... so you buy it :)

    I also like going to B and N... the smell there is intoxicating. (maybe it's because our B & N serves Cheesecake Factory Cheesecake .... nothing says "I need to read a book" like a good ol' slice of heavenly cheesecake beside you... haha.

  13. Thanks, Tempie, that makes me feel SO MUCH better. I'm always concerned that the way I do things may not be the best way, but if you're in three groups and you think this way works best, I feel good about that!

    And Breezi... if our B&N had cheesecake, I'd weigh 300lbs. cheesecake is my FAVORITE dessert and you all know how much I love books, so if they were in the same place, I'd be in BIG TROUBLE!

  14. I'm a library geek too! Came from too many years working there, I guess! :) I don't like to buy a book unless I love, love, LOVE it! If I know I'll probably never read it again, or it was just OK, I feel like it is a total waste of money! I'm so picky about the books I buy. Isn't that funny? Besides that, my nearest Barnes & Noble is 45 minutes away... *sigh*


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