Friday, January 8, 2010


Girls!!! I started reading The Help last night. So far, it's completely engrossing. I had to wait a few hours after I finished There's No Place Like Here because I always have to have ample time to mentally say goodbye to the characters I just left behind. Am I the only one with this problem? I'm always so sad when a story ends. I wish all books had at least one sequel, well, the good ones anyway.

So, here's the first point of this blog... PLEASE post a blog or comment somewhere or something when YOU start reading The Help. I know I'm going to be ready to post some sort of discussion or question or... something soon, as I'm about 40 pages into it right now and I don't want to post until everyone is reading to avoid being a spoiler for anyone. Oh, and Breezi, if you end up going to B&N for this one.. it is definitely worth it. It grabs you from page one.

Another thing... these are the peeps that I've added to the comment emailing list so far... Breezi, Bonnie, Leigh, Tempie, Alynn, and myself. Also, I put you guys on the list to receive an email when a new post is up. Let me know if you ever get tired of receiving these emails and I'll take ya off, k? :) Also, if you haven't told me yet and you DO want to receive these email notifications, please let me know! Thanks! :) There are just FOUR spots left! :)

Take care girls, and I hope you all have a great day! :)


  1. I JUST finished my other book (like, literally 5 minutes ago), so i'm soooooo ready to start reading The Help. I too need a little time to switch gears and clear my mind so I probably won't start until tonight or tomorrow. Plus, my kids keep bugging needing my attention, help, etc. Needy little buggers :) ) I'm hoping it's good because my last book wasn't, so I need a good read. Plus, I think I was trying to rush too much through the last one and I didn't give it much of a chance. BUT, I did finish it!

    And, if you didn't get my email, you can add me to the list if there are still spots left. I keep forgetting to go back and look at others' comments and I don't want to fall behind :) Thanks!

  2. I bought No Place Like Here at B and N, it was only $5 for HB, so I could refuse. I'll start it when I'm done with The Help.

  3. $5????? Are you KIDDING me???? You are going to LOVE it!! I can't wait to hear your comments as you read it! :)


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