Thursday, January 21, 2010


I finished it, Candace, and you're going to like it :)

Set in the 1850's, this novel is about the slave women who were favored by their masters. The story centers around Lizzie, a slave from Tennessee, who joins her master on a vacation in Ohio each summer. Leaving his wife behind, Lizzie is treated almost as a companion, although she is quickly reminded time and again what her true purpose is: to be a slave and serve her master. There are other slave owners who bring their slave mistresses along with them and the slaves become close friends as they spend summer after summer together. One slave, new to the group, starts to lay the seed to run for freedom since they are in free territory and they may never get the chance again.
Throughout the story, you also learn of Lizzie's life on the plantation; how she became her owner's mistress, how she had two of his children, and how her status in the household played out. I found it very interesting to read about relationships that have always seemed to be swept under the rug, yet they were going on in so many households.
A good read! And a fast one. It only took me a couple of days. Someone who reads it as fast as Candace will have it done in a day :) Enjoy!

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  1. oOOOOOooohhhhhhHHHhhhh, I cannot wait!!! I'm so excited about this one. I knew when I saw it reviewed in People that I was going to, so I'm so happy to know more about it and to know that it really is GREAT!

    I'm almost half-way through "Nanny Returns" right now, so I'm going to read this as soon as I'm finished. That going to be a big change, huh? :)


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