Thursday, January 7, 2010

There's No Place Like HERE

Please don't take this the wrong way. I know it's going to sound incredibly bossy, but seriously... you MUST read this book!

Imagine The Wizard of Oz but... not. Just the idea.

This book is about one Sandy Shortt. When Sandy Shortt is 10 yrs old, the little girl who lived across the street from her, who was also 10 yrs old went missing. Just vanished into thin air. This caused Sandy to become obsessed with all things missing.... socks, shoes, papers, stuffed animals... anything... if it became missing, she would torment her parents by spending weeks tearing their house apart looking for this lost thing she couldn't find.

So, as an adult, Sandy Shortt became a garda (this book takes place in Ireland and so I'm assuming they call their police force there the gaurd?) who specializes in searching for missing people. Upon completing her tenure there, she opens her own agency to search for missing people and helping to reunite families who've been seperated through adoption, etc.

One day, while Sandy is out jogging in the woods, she finds herself lost and she tries to backtrack, but to no avail, she can't find her way back. And before she knows it, she finds herself inside of a brand new world. A place called Here. It is where all missing people and things end up.

This book is about Sandy's journey and her plight to get back home.

And this author, Cecelia Ahern, is a master story teller, the detail and side stories that are involved in Sandy's story are so engrossing and just un-put-down-able.

Excellent book and Fantastic Author!

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