Friday, January 15, 2010

Good Reads

Hey girls! I hope everyone has been having a great week!

Alynn and Tempie both suggested this great site to me when I was thinking of starting this book club and finally last night, I joined and I really like it! I like that you can add all the books of your "shelves" that you've read and review them and have friends, kinda like facebook. It's just a really neat site. You can also keep track of what you're currently reading and post an update whenever you want as to what page you're on. It's pretty cool. I thought it might be a nice companion to this, our book club! If you're there, please let us know! I know I'd love to add you as a friend on there to keep up with what you are reading and have read and all that stuff! ;)

I'm so new, though, I don't even know how to search for friends on there, so please tell me if you do. And Alynn, you have to tell me how you sent me that email last night. That was great and I'm so glad you sent it to me! :)

Also, don't forget to start thinking of what you want to suggest for next month's book of the month. I'd love to have each person suggest a book and then we all kind of vote for our pick. Whaddya think?

I'll be posting later with the interesting reads that PEOPLE suggests for this week... as soon as I make my way out into this super chilly weather to my mailbox.


  1. Crapola... it's lol

  2. I just signed up!!! Now what?

  3. Ha! I don't know, really, I'm still getting used to it myself. I'll try to find you, though, Leigh!

    And Tempie, I think you're on there because you told me about it. I tried to find you last night, but couldn't figure out how. I did search by my facebook friends but it didn't show you... So if you know how, please find me! :)

  4. Candace I just sent you an invite.

    To find your friends just click on friends on the top. From there you can find friends using your e-mail account and I guess Facebook (I haven't tried that one yet). If want to search my name or e-mail address then click on +add friends on the upper right hand side. Then under find or invite friends type in the e-mail addy or name. Then just click add as friend. :)

  5. I'm horrible at forgetting what books I've read and what I haven't -- just another reason why I like this site. I'm horrible at leaving reviews, though. I just rate them with stars! :) Tempie, thanks for helping C find out were the invites are!


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