Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Nanny Diaries

I'm not quite done reading this yet. I have about 75 or so pages (give or take) left to read.

But for those of you who have read this... there is a reason I'm not a nanny.

I'm pretty sure there are several instances when I would've punched Mrs. X in the face.

Then, what burns me up is that in the very next instance, I feel sorry for her... what with that horrible Mr. X and Ms. Chicago.

And all along, I just love Grayer (what a WEIRD name) and Nanny's family. They are the ones who make the story worth reading.

What I can't believe the most is that this is truly the life that a lot of RICH Manhattans live! When she spent $4,000 on Halloween costumes and THEN they didn't even WEAR them... I thought I was going to have to go burn the book. But the whole book is full of these occurences.

Anyway, while I was reading in bed last night, I kept getting all worked up over the goings-on in this book and I kept wishing we were all reading it so I could come up here and vent to you girls! LOL.... So, that's why I had to do this post before I was completely finished.


  1. Ive actually read that book a couple of times and I had the SAME responses. Mainly, I wanted to scoop little grayer up and run far and fast from his crazy mama ;). Don't want to spoil anything so we must talk when you reach the ending!

  2. I used to nanny. One family I worked for was a 6 week gig in the summer. Holy Hell! They were super rich and the mom was a maniac! We had a medical emergency in my own family at the time and while I was talking to my mom about it (pretty emotionally to say the least), the mom interrupted us and informed me she was going to go out and sunbathe and I could start to get the kids' lunch ready when I was done. O.M.G! I was in so much shock I could hardly react. I was very grateful when the 6 weeks were up. I'm not exactly sure why I stuck it out that summer. I must have been seriously desparate for some college money :)

  3. Okay, I'm done. I finished while out in town today at stoplights and even sitting in the car in parking lots while the kids watched Monsters Inc. in the backseat. ;)

    I love the story of Nanny (I wish she had a REAL name) because she is so funny... admirable in her ability to keep her mouth closed... and most of all admirable in her ability to love Grayer, who no one else seems to. I feel so sorry for this little boy!

    I had planned to start reading one of the other many books on my list after finishing this one, but I have to start reading Nanny Returns now. I just HAVE to. After reading what it's about.... Grayer is now 16 and he comes to find her... and she's married to H.H.!!! Oh my, I have to dive into that one RIGHT NOW. :) I'll let ya know how it is!

  4. Oh, and I kept thinking throughout reading this book that this is an awesome one to pick up sporadically on those days you're feeling like a bad mother, because by God, NOBODY is as bad as Mrs. X... except others like her, of course.

  5. There is a Nanny Returns?! I had no idea! Didn't you just love the ending? As heartbreaking as it was. For the longest time I was SO mad she didn't stay with the first message she left but then again the second message was much more beneficial to Grayer.

  6. I wanted to read "Nanny Returns" but it's been so long since I've read "The Nanny Diaries", I would probably have to reread that one.

    Candace, I'm halfway through "Wench"'re going to LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. Really good so far :)


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