Friday, January 29, 2010

The Wednesday Sisters

This was such a charming story. It wasn't one that I couldn't bare to put down, which is why it took me a bit longer to read it. And honestly, the first 75 pages, I kept debating with myself as to whether or not I was going to actually finish it. Everytime I thought about it, though, I decided I still did want to know how it all turned out, so I kept on reading.

I am very glad that I did, because the second half of the book was very compelling. I read the whole last half last night and it had taken me three days to read the first half. ;)

It's about a group of women who met at the park while their children were playing and when they met, they were always talking about the books they were reading and their favorite books, etc. They all have very distinct and different personalities, which makes them a really fun group to read about. They all loved to read and through their talking, they learned that they all had somewhat of an interest in writing as well, so they formed a "writing society" amongst themselves. Throughout the book, you learn about their adventures together, their pasts, and their current family situations.

It really was a great book and I'm so glad I finished it. It was a little slow moving at first, which is why I almost put it down. I don't tend to have a lot of patience when I'm wanting to immerse myself in the story. ;)

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  1. I hate that when good books are hard to get into. Grr.
    At least it was awesome at the end :)


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