Sunday, January 17, 2010

Run For Your Life

I am a huge fan of James Patterson books. I love that they're always a great mystery, they're very fast paced, short chapters, wide margins, and double spacing... all that equals a book that I can finish pretty quick. Love it! LOL

I always like to read a book of his after I read something deep (The Memory Keeper's Daughter) or something that totally did not hold my attention (Ladder of Years), because it always gets my brain back in my reading zone.

Now, as for this book, LOVE the story line! It had me guessing the whole time and pretty much all my guesses were totally wrong. That is always so fascinating to me! I love to write and one of my life goal's is to someday write a novel of my own. I've given it two shots so far and both times, I quit about a hundred pages in. Because of this.. my love of writing... I pay very close attention to how authors craft their stories. How they weave in the little details all along the way. It is so amazing to me the amount of planning and foreshadowing they have to do to really craft a story that holds the readers attention and also reveals all these key points along the way that we're dying to know as the reader. That's just another reason I love James Patterson's novels so much. He is such a master storyteller in my opinion. He is not, however, one that gives great detail. So, I also love reading a book of his after... say, a Stephen King book, because he.. in my opinion is the KING of detail. I don't know any author that goes into such great detail as he does.

Anyway, now I'm finishing a book I started last June, so don't be surprised if I have another review by the end of the day. :)

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