Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Last Chance, Ladies!!!


I'm going to give you guys one more shot at the two on top and the rest are books that I'd like to offer up, as well.

I have created an account at

but I'm always going to offer them here to you guys first.

The ones I already listed there are books I'm pretty sure none of you would want. I was going to donate them to The Salvation Army.

Let me know if you want any of these! Don't be shy, I would LOVE to send them to you guys!!! :)


  1. Candace, I would love 11 on Top- girl, I'd buy it from you (I know u weren't fond of it) and one or both of the Jane Greens:)

  2. ps I really enjoyed For Laci; broke my heart. I just cannot imagine:(

  3. I know, I was completely obsessed with everything Laci Peterson during that time. I watched everyday of the trial on Court TV during my pregnancy with Emma and I 'll never forget, she was only about two weeks old when they announced the verdict and I was watching it live on tv with her laying asleep on my chest and I was crying like a baby! I felt so much for her mother. They were so close and all I could think was... that's her baby girl.. her baby girl.. just like MY baby girl is here laying on my chest. I wanted to KILL Scott Peterson for her!!! I read all the books related to this case and I actually have the one Catherine Crier (from Court Tv) wrote as well.

    And I'll save all three of those books and they're yours! No payment necessary, you can buy me lunch! ;)

  4. Lunch is yours! :D Laci went missing when Cullen was a tiny baby (Dec.19th his bday), so I was also consumed with all the coverage....I remember it constantly being on Greta Van Susteren. I cannot imagine someone as heartless as Scott. unbelievable. And such a gorgeous girl. Her poor family.

  5. Post away, Candance! Thanks for offering though! And good luck with the paperback swap site :)


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