Thursday, January 21, 2010

Loved it

I just finished The Help tonight. I LOVED the book, but was disappointed with how it ended....maybe I just didn't want it TO end. I wanted more. But, then again, I hate when a book ends like an after-school-special. So, author knows best! I am floored that this was her first novel. And touched by her personal connection to it. She, and her childhood maid, should be so proud.


  1. What a cute picture of Cullen!! :)

    And I didn't want "The Help" to end either, so I know how you feel. Her next novel is set in Mississippi, so hopefully it'll be just as rich as this one was.

  2. ps ...just watched a video of her speaking at a book reading on YouTube. I am excited that Still Alice is also a debut novel...amazing that the author started selling the book from the trunk of her car! ..watched a short clip of her also this morning on YouTube;) I haven't bought the book yet. Have anyone started it yet and how is it?


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