Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hi, I'm Alynn!

I'm so excited to be a part of this! I've been missing my favorite book club since we moved so I have such high hopes for this blog! Big kudos and thank yous to Candace! I'm convinced our souls have always been friends, though we've never actually met - yet!
I'm a SAHM with three adorable but busy kids that are 8, 6, and 2 -- bless their hearts, and one amazing hubbers! (You can say anything you want about anybody and as long as you end it in "bless their heart" then it's not mean at all!) Reading is just one thing I do for myself -- to maintain some sort of sanity! I also love to bake (but not cook), play the piano, I've dabbled in quilting and photography, and all kinds of other things, but any chance I get to get out of the house I'll take it! My husband and I are both scuba certified, but now sadly landlocked. We spend a lot of time outside in the summer. This winter is proving to be a long one because I absolutely detest the snow. *shudder* (Erica, I'm sure we're going to get along great!) I'm a horrible clean freak and have fallen completely in love with the steam mop I got for Christmas. That's how I know that 29 is officially old. *sigh*
My favorite job was when I worked at the tiny local library. Everybody knew everybody and I got to cover all the new books and had the chance to read any of them that I wanted to first. I do love the new book smell. I've missed the diversity of my reading since I stopped working there. I will read just about anything, but I do have my limits and I'm not afraid to put a book down when it just goes too far. (Although it does kill me just a little to not know the ending!) I'm very excited to get to know all of you better through all kinds of books!
P.S. Not only to I like these ... and these ( ), I also use way too many of these **! :)


  1. See, that's my problem. I read everything... even if I don't like it, even if it goes too far. I just hate not finishing a book. I hate not knowing the end. It just has some weird hold on me and I just have to do it, even if I hate the book when I'm done. Weird, I know, but it's me.

    By the way, nice to meet you! I am also a stay home mom with get this.... very busy 8, 6 and 2 year olds, bless their hearts :-).

  2. So great to meet you too! My problem is if I get top bored with a book, I'll put it down and not finish it. Content doesn't put me off...I'm with Bonnie, I'll read anything...but if it's dragging on, forget it! I don't have the time.

    And scuba diving!! So jealous. That sounds like so much fun! A bucket list thingy for me, I think. Although, as I get older, I'm starting to develop strange phobias (like dying!) and the thought of running out of oxygen kind of freaks me out :)

  3. Oh my gosh, girls, my happiness is overflowing in the form of giggles and clapping hands and almost... happy tears.. I can just feel it, we're gonna have an amazing thing here!!!

    And Alynn... I think we're the same person, let me just.... outline the ways...
    -I'm a stay at home mom.. duh... :)
    -I have also dabbled in QUILTING!!!
    -You KNOW I love photography...
    -I love the snow, but it's probably because we rarely get it, which is just one of MANY reason I need to get you and that sweet family of yours to NC.... let me tell you why... Todd has family here... I'm here.... we have a much warmer climate... I'm here.... we're not landlocked....oh, and I'M HERE.... :) And NC is fabulous!
    -I GOT A STEAM MOP for Christmas and I am also so in love with it!!!
    -My favorite job was when I worked at Barnes and Noble in college. I wish I could afford to work there again.
    -And I am HORRIBLE about putting a book down. I will buy a book and I have read as much as half of a book before and I don't intentionally do it, but I'll just put it down and never feel motivated to pick it up again. It does drive me nuts not to know the ending, but I really don't like a boring book.

    Okay, so.... I'm so excited that you're part of this, Alynn!! It's going to be such a blast!


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