Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I Have An Idea...

Book Share

Not everyone has the same taste in books, right? I know most people LOVE Nicholas Sparks, I however, am probably the only avid reader I know who has a really hard time getting into his books. I love his movies. The Notebook is my all-time favorite, but his books just drag for me. I can't stay motivated to read them.

Because of this, I know that I have lots of books that I've bought because I thought I'd love them and then I haven't loved them so much, BUT that doesn't mean that someone else wouldn't love them. Right?

So, I had the idea of a book share. If you're not interested in this, that's fine, but I know I'd love to share my books... the ones I love and the ones I don't love so much.

These are four books I just pulled off my shelves a bit ago. All four of these are books I thought I'd love, love, but for whatever reason, they didn't hold my attention.

YOU, however, may love them to death!

I love this author, Jane Green. She's a great chick lit author and all her books that I've read have had me completely engrossed... except these three. And these weren't bad books, by any means, I could've just had a lot going on when I was trying to read them and never gave them a real chance.

If any of you would be interested in reading one, or all, of them, I'd love to send one or more of them to you. I figure, for those of us who are interested in doing this, it wouldn't be much. We could just stick the book in a manilla envelope and mail it parcel post for a dollar or two. I think that's a pretty good deal considering what the cost of a new book is.

What do you guys think?

Is this a good idea?

And to elaborate more on my idea, for books we don't have a major attachment to, we could send them around until they make their way back to the original owner.

I personally have always, since I was a little girl, put my name and the date I finish the book on the inside front cover, that way years later, I can look at my books and recall with love the exact point in my life when I was reading each of my books. :)

I probably wouldn't have ever considered this idea had I not thought that we have such an amazing group of girls. I would totally trust you guys to read my books (I KNOW you wouldn't smear my pages with boogers and snot) and pass them around until they make their way back to me.

For any book that we'd like back, we could put our name and address on the inside somewhere (wherever you want... it's your book!) and that way, there would never be an excuse for our books not getting back to us!

Oh, and of course, we would use this blog as a medium for when we were done with one book and ready to pass it on to the next person.

What do you think?

I've been brainstorming the whole time I've been writing this, so if this all sounds confusing, please forgive me, I'm coming up with ideas as I'm typing each sentence.

Anyway, with these four books, I really wouldn't be concerned with getting them back, so I'm offering these up for donation! :)


  1. Love the idea! I'm going to go through my books and put some up for book share. Lovin' your ideas Candace! By the way, I'm totally interested in A million little pieces.

  2. Haha, signed in under my husband's account. It's really me, Brittney ;)

  3. When I got the emails, I was thinking "who is Dave????? This is interesting!". Now I see :)

    I would love to do something like this but now I have a kindle so I don't have too many books coming and going. I had donated a lot of my older ones. I will dig through and see what I have though and let you know.

  4. I LOVED A Million Little Pieces but I read it before I found out it wasn't true. I recommend reading though.

  5. Candace, what a great idea. I definitely would be interested in reading a Million Little Pieces. I read My Friend Leonard over the summer and liked it. I'm definitely up to loaning out any books that are listed on my goodreads account or anything I talk about on here. Two books I know right off the top of my head are She's Come Undone and The Hour I First Believe both by Wally Lamb. I know there are a lot of people out there who loves his book, I didn't like them too much.

  6. Yay! I'm so thrilled that you guys are excited about this.

    And seriously, girls, Jane Green is an awesome writer, I can't figure out why I didn't get into these three. However, her novels, "Jemima J", "Babyville", and "The Beach House" are all novels of hers that I loved! So if anyone wants to give one of these a shot, let me know!

    In the meantime, Brittney and Tempie, if you'd like to email me your mailing addresses, I'll get "A Million Little Pieces" right out to you guys. I'll send it to Brittney first and then Brittney, you can send it one to Tempie! Sound good? Oh, and the only reason I never read this one is because it came out that it was largely untrue before I got around to reading it and after that.. I had a bad taste in my mouth, so I just never did pick it up! :)

    And you kindle girls, it's okay that you aren't going to be able to offer yours out, but you could still take advantage of any that others want to offer up! :)

    And I'm going to be posting more, these were just the first four I grabbed! :)

  7. Oh, and in that second paragraph up there, I meant to say that I'll send it to Brittney and then, Brittney, when you're done you can send it on to Tempie! :)

  8. Okay, I mailed out "A Million Little Pieces" today. Brittney, I sent it to you first, since you requested it first and I included Tempie's address on the card so it can be sent on to her next! I'm so excited about this! :)

    And I'll be listing more books soon!

  9. I meant I included Tempie's address on A card inside the package!

    .. i really should proofread before I hit post comment! :)


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