Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hi, I'm Leigh

Hello everyone-

My name is Leigh and I went to school with Candace. I'm a little bit older but she was in the same grade as my brother and everyone kindof knew everyone since it was a small school

I'm currently 37 weeks prego today and can't wait to get this baby out! I'm an avid reader of mostly chic books.. anything with a woman scorn.. something you would see on Lifetime and love Self Help Books. It's terrible I know but I just can't help it. I love to be able to escape with a good book and I can do that with these kind of books. I don't do mystery, murder or sci-fi but I will try if it's really good. Hey.. I didn't think I would like the Twilight books but I was hooked immediately!!

I haven't read The Help yet but my best friend has and she loved it. If you're from the South my understanding is that you will LOVE it!!! I am currently reading Juliette Fay's book called Shelter Me. It's about a widow with two little children trying to put her life together after her husband's death. I know.. totally depressing but I can't help it. Like I said, I'm a sucker for drama.

I started a book club a couple of years ago and it had gotten up to 20 some members but since we live in the DC area it's pretty hard for everyone to get together regularly and I just LOVE the idea of an online group. I love meeting new people and discovering all kinds of ways to connect with others so to say the least.. I'm super excited Candace recommended. With that being said.. since I have a new baby on the way, I don't know how much I will be reading but I can't wait to hear and meet y'all!!


  1. where in the dc area are you!?!?! we're in manassas. I love it out here, but what's up with this cold? I'm feeling like a trapped woman in this house :)

    And yay for almost having a baby! Is this your first? My friend is due almost any second too. I love the "waiting for baby part" but only when it isn't me. Totally done with that business :) Best wishes for a quick and easy delivery!

  2. Ok, just read that you were in Springfield. That's awesome!

  3. Good luck with that sweet baby! I love a good girly book myself!

  4. Leigh!!! I'm so glad you're here! Now I'll really get to talk to you lots! And do you have a personal blog? I'm about to go check, because I certainly want to be in the know about how things are going when your sweet little one gets here. Gosh, those are the best memories of my life, when my babies were born. Makes me wanna cry. The most special moments. You're gonna love being a mommy and you're going to be an amazing one. And everybody feels what you're feeling now. The end of pregnancy goes so slow and for me, my hips and ribs were so sore, I was miserable. I know you're probably experiencing a lot of that right now!

    Oh, and guess what?!? Tempie's going to join us too! I just saw that on my blackberry and I'm about to send her an invite... right after I finish writing you this book of a comment. :)

    I look chic lit books too and that's normally what I read the most, so maybe this will help give us some great suggestions for things we might not would normally read. :)

    So glad to have you here, Leigh! :)

  5. I just sent an invite on my facebook so hopefully we will get some more girls to join. Nice to meet everyone!

    Now question, how do I set it up so I get an email everytime someone comments on here?

    Candace, no personal blog.. just facebook.

    YAY! So excited about the new book club!

  6. Let me go play with the settings, Leigh.... I'm not sure it can be set up for all of us to get an email... hmmm... let me check and I'll get back to ya on that one...

  7. Okay, Leigh... here's what you can do... see at the bottom right of the comment box where it says, "subscribe by email"? Click when you'd like to receive the comments for a post to your email. So, you'll basically have to click that each time a new post is up, that way you won't get every comment, just the ones you want. Make sense?


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