Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Hey! I'm Erica and I'm really excited to belong to something that could be really great :) I have always loved reading and fall deeply in love with books if I find one that is superb. I hate for them to end...it's almost like losing a friend. But then I remind myself that the next great one is right around the corner. I try to read as often as I can, but my life doesn't always make time for it. I'll go through spurts where I'll read and read and read and then won't touch a book for a few months :( I'm hoping that this blog will kick start a new lifestyle...one that includes reading daily, even if for only a fleeting moment.

I've been married to my fantastic husband for 5 years, but we've been together for forever. Literally...since like middle school. We have two spunky, dreamy girls; Shannon just turned 3 and Charlotte is 16 months. I am very fortunate to be able to stay home with them everyday, although some days I feel like my I'm quite literally losing my mind (another reason this is an awesome idea...to try and maintain sanity!). We are originally from northern Michigan but moved to the DC area right before Shannon was born for my husband's work. I miss being close to family (especially when it's the holidays and we can't make it home or I'd like to drop the girls at my mom's for a much needed night off), but I love our life out here in VA. The weather is also something that is beginning to grow on me. Snow is only good in pictures :)

Besides reading, I love spending time with my little family, exploring the DC area, eating out, and just being a mom. I love dots (......) and parentheses, so I hope they don't annoy you because you'll see a lot of them :) Apparently, I also like smiley faces.


  1. Erica- I am also a huge fan of the ......
    So I guess that means I'll be able to know what you're saying :) (I also like the smiley faces.)

    You've got a fun, cute family!

  2. Erica, I am so excited to get to know you better!! Thanks so much for joining us here. We've got a great group of girls so far and I know we'll get more to join us in the future!

    And I had no idea you and your hubby had been together since middle school! That is so incredible. Congrats on that longevity.... definitely not something you see much of these days. :)

    And I'm glad you guys are all fans of .... and :) because I use them A LOT!!! :)

  3. Hey,

    I live in Springfield, VA. Where are you?!!?


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